Easy To Install Cladding

At Ecoscape, our composite cladding is designed with easy installation in mind for a quick and stunning finish. Take a look at our composite cladding installation guide for more information on how to install composite cladding, including cladding accessories, fixings and safety advice on how to install our composite cladding.
We offer a panel cladding range and a slatted cladding range perfect for both interior or exterior application.
Our Ecoscape cladding ranges, panel and slatted, can be installed quickly and easily using a hidden fixtures system with uniquely-designed aluminium cladding clips that allow for expansion and contraction of the composite cladding board once installed. The clip can fasten to our range of pressure treated timber, plastic and aluminium joists or battens. We also offer a variety of accompanying trims.

Ecoscape specialises in high-quality composite cladding solutions that are low-maintenance, long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Both the Ecoscape Panel Cladding Range and the Slatted Cladding Range are fast and easy to install for a seamless finish. Take a look at some of our stand-out cladding projects for inspiration.

For more information on composite cladding installation, call our team today on 0845 9011 988, or email sales@ecoscapeuk.co.uk.