Alternative Uses For Ecoscape Composites

Composite decking and other composite products are great alternatives for traditional timber decking, fencing and cladding.

This environmentally friendly wood alternative is highly recommended for outdoor use as it is durable, versatile, water-resistant, insect-resistant and slip-resistant.

Ecoscape UK provides the highest quality composite products, including decking, fencing, cladding and balustrades, to use inside and outdoors. Their composite decking boards can be used to quickly replace your rotting wooden deck or fencing, but that is not where its usefulness ends.

Let’s take a look at the primary and alternative uses of Ecoscape’s composite products.


Why Are Ecoscape Composites So Popular?

Ecoscape provides the highest quality composite products. These composite boards and panels are growing in popularity, and are being used to replace traditional wooden decking and fencing.

This versatile material can be used in a variety of outdoor projects and is significantly more versatile than timber decking material.

Here are some distinct advantages of Ecoscape composites.

Environmentally Friendly

Composite decking is made from recycled materials, which makes it more environmentally friendly than traditional wooden decking boards.

This product is made from recycled plastic and wood, which have been ethically sourced, and is then combined to create a durable, low-maintenance board.

Since both the plastic and wood fibres are recycled, no trees are harmed in the making of Ecoscape UK’s products, and the production of these composites also prevents plastic from polluting our landfills.

More durable than timber decking

Composite decking boards are much more durable than wooden decking. It can withstand snow, rain, heat and direct sunlight. It is also low maintenance and only requires occasional cleaning.

The higher upfront cost, when compared to wood, is well worth it, as you will not have to spend money to maintain your decking area for many years to come.

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Main Uses For Ecoscape Composites

Here are the main uses of Ecoscape composites. Our products have many benefits, and each product also comes with a broad colour choice, so you can truly personalise your outdoor area.

Ecoscape Composite Decking

Ecoscape decking is an environmentally friendly alternative to timber decking. It is made from recycled wood and plastic composites.

These decking boards come in a variety of colours, such as charcoal or ash, and is not as time-consuming to maintain as traditional wooden decking.

It is resistant to water damage which results in warping, it is slip-resistant, and it will last for many years. In fact, Ecoscape UK offers a 20-year warranty on these amazing decking boards.

Ecoscape Composite Fencing and Gates

The composite fencing from Ecoscape UK is available in five different colours. All fencing panels and posts come with a 20-year warranty that these panels will not warp, crack, split or rot.

Composite fencing panels are an environmentally friendly wooden fencing alternative as it is made from recycled and reclaimed plastic and wood. These fencing panels will not require expensive maintenance.

Ecoscape Composite Cladding

Cladding from Ecoscape UK is incredibly versatile. It can be used indoors and outdoors and has a class B fire safety rating.

These cladding boards have been covered in a polymer layer, which makes them impermeable to water, and also guarantees that they will not fade over time.

Ecoscape’s cladding will last for many years with very little maintenance.

Ecoscape Balustrades

Ecoscape UK believes that style should be functional and practical. Balustrades are available in composite materials, glass or steel.

These balustrades will perfectly complement Ecoscape composite decking, fencing and cladding.


What Are Alternative Uses For Ecoscape Composite Products?

Now that we know what Ecoscape products are mainly used for, what are some other alternative uses for these composite products?


Composite decking boards can be used to build a walkway through your backyard. This is especially useful in winter when you don’t want to walk on the muddy grass.

The anti-slip properties of the boards make them perfect for pathways and to keep people off the grass.

Whether it is a raised pathway or boards placed directly onto the ground as stepping stones, these boards are ideal for walkways as they will not rot or mould when placed on damp soil. They are also easy to clean – you simply use a broom or a hose to get rid of any dirt.

The colour choice for these boards means you can customise your pathways to match your decking and fencing, or to compliment your choice of flowers and greenery.

Decking steps

We have mentioned that composite boards can replace wooden decking, but have you thought about the steps leading onto your deck?

Of course, you do not have to have steps for your deck, but it does ease access into the garden without having to walk around.

You can choose a portion of the deck that is just that little bit too high to comfortably step onto, and then use these easy-to-install composite boards to construct one or two steps. The steps can be the same colour as the deck, or you can make the exposed edges of the steps a different colour to make them stand out in the dark.

Decking around the swimming pool

Swimming pool decks are not too different from traditional decks, however, not many people will consider composite decking for around their pools.

This is a grave mistake, as composite decking is water-resistant and slip-resistant, making it the perfect decking material to use in areas where it is guaranteed to get wet, like the pool or hot tub.

You will not have to worry about your young children running and slipping while playing around the pool, as these composite boards have much more traction than wooden decking.

Bin storage

You can use composite decking boards or fencing panels to construct an enclosure for your bins. Whether you just want to hide your binds behind a screen or construct a tiny shed for your bins, this material is perfect for it.

A bin storage area made from composite products will be very easy to clean, and will not rot when exposed to grime. It will also keep your bins dry.

Not only will you not have to look at your unsightly trash bins, but a lockable and sturdy bin shed will prevent scavengers from accessing your bins, and they also won’t fall over in strong winds.


We have already mentioned Ecoscape UK’s composite cladding, but did you know you can use decking boards for cladding as well?

If you built a deck and have some boards left over, you can use these to clad a garage, playhouse, shed, or even your house.

These decking boards have the same properties as Ecoscape’s cladding and will look great when applied to outdoor structures.

Garden benches

You can use composite panels to construct benches in your garden. It is actually a pretty easy product that will only require some basic DIY skills.

The materials used will not splinter or warp, meaning you will have a long-lasting and durable bench. Having a bench that matches your deck will give your garden some modern appeal.

Once the bench is constructed, simply finish it off with some outdoor cushions and pillows. You can have these match your existing garden furniture for a complete, comprehensive aesthetic.

You can either construct a standalone bench which you can place anywhere in your garden or DIY a built-in bench that is a permanent fixture in your backyard (for example near a fire pit or in a shady spot).

Dog house

Don’t forget man’s best friend! Composite boards are perfect for dog houses. These boards are easy to install and cut to size, and their insect-resistant properties mean no bugs will come bothering Buster.

It is also waterproof, so your dog can stay warm and dry even on winter nights. You can simply throw in some cushions and blankets to make the ultimate cosy home for your pet.

When it is time to clean, a quick hose down is all it would need. And, did we mention that the dog house will perfectly match your decking?

Outdoor storage boxes

If you have outdoor furniture with cushioned seating, then you understand the frustration of moving cushions, pillows and blankets indoors at the first sight of rain.

To avoid this constant inside-outside traversing, why not construct a nifty, waterproof storage box from your composite decking offcuts?

The storage box will perfectly match your new deck and will be a great place to store any accessories that you do not want to get wet or that you do not need – for example, you can store your blankets away on a hot day.

You can also store your pool toys or garden tools in the box.

To make the box even more functional, add some soft cushions on top of it and have it double as an extra seating space when you have guests over.

Use older composite decking material in DIY projects

Do you have a composite deck that is about 20 years old and getting on in age? It is probably time to replace this deck with some new composite decking from Ecoscape UK.

Although this older decking material is not as weather resistant as the new products from Ecoscape UK, you do not have to simply toss it out.

Sure, you can recycle these old decking boards, but why not incorporate them into a DIY project where their properties can still be appreciated?

It might not be as water-resistant or rot-resistant as the newer stuff, but old composite decking can still be used to construct a bird feeder or small planter boxes. You may just have to give these old boards a quick scrub to bring some life back to them before including them in a creative way in your garden.

The base for a shed

Whether you build a shed from scratch or purchase a flat-pack shed, you can enhance your shed design by incorporating composite decking as a base for the shed.

Using this type of decking board will not only give your shed a flat surface to stand on, but it will also keep your shed floor dry year-round as the water-resistant properties will prevent the floor from becoming soggy.

The decking boards are available in a variety of colours and can be chosen to perfectly match your shed’s interior and exterior.

You can also use these boards to create a little platform surrounding your shed, where you can store additional garden tools that do not fit in the shed.

Outdoor shelves

You can use your leftover decking to construct some beautiful and solid outdoor shelves.

Floating shelves can be placed against any outdoor wall or fence, or you can construct a standalone bookshelf.

You can then use these shelves to display small potted plants, garden decorations, outdoor cutlery and crockery, or simply use them as additional storage for your tools and pool toys.


Composite decking is water-resistant, which means these boards are great to use for planters or raised beds.

Having planters match your decking will make your garden look very sophisticated, and you can scale your planters to the number of decking boards you have left.

The beautiful colours of the composite boards mean you do not have to worry about painting timber to match your other garden features.


We have already mentioned using your 20-year-old composite decking to construct birdhouses, but even new offcuts can be used for the same purpose.

The properties of composite products mean they can be cut and drilled just like traditional wood, which means you can construct intricate birdhouses or bird feeders. Because of its waterproof capabilities, you can even construct a bird bath!

A Privacy Shield or Room Divider

The purpose of our garden fences is to provide us with privacy from nosey neighbours. But, if you have a low fence, hedges or chain-link fence, you may not have the privacy you desire.

This is where composite boards come in. You can use these boards to construct a privacy shield – or a type of outdoor room divider – which will shield you from prying eyes if you want to enjoy your garden.

It is very easy to install: all you have to do is stick your composite decking boards straight into the ground. These boards can be decorated with creeping plants, fairy lights or garden decor to make them part of your entertainment area.

Feature Wall

When you think of a feature wall, you probably think of a brightly painted wall in your home filled with art and family photos. But, did you know you can also have a feature wall outside?

Leftover composite decking boards are great for creating an outdoor feature wall that perfectly matches your new deck. Cladding can also be used for the same purpose.

It is best to plan out your project thoroughly before getting started as this can be a slightly labour-intensive project that will require a little bit of know-how.

If your deck or patio is up against a blank brick or plastered wall, then the offcuts and leftover boards can be placed against that wall as a beautiful addition to your entertainment area. You can then place shelves against this wall, use a trellis for creeping plants, or hanging baskets with cascading plants.

Lighting can also be used to bring out the intricacies of the cladded feature wall.

You can also construct a free-standing feature wall in your outdoor space, which can be used to provide shade in summer or as a wind block in winter.

Children’s Playhouse

Are your kids growing up and wanting to spend more time outside? It is time to build them a playhouse! Whether this playhouse is a princess castle or a pirate ship is entirely up to your imagination.

Use the leftover boards to build a playhouse with separate rooms and shelves. Also, construct the floor out of the composite decking boards so that the playhouse does not get muddy.

You can paint the playhouse any colour you wish, or simply leave it as is and let the kids’ imaginations run wild.

Garden Bar

With some basic DIY knowledge, you should be able to build a beautiful garden bar that matches your new decking.

Building your own bar from composite offcuts or leftovers is a much more affordable option than purchasing a bar or building one from brand new treated wood.

For a full-sized bar, may need some more boards than what you have left over, so you will have to get creative. You can combine the composite boards with any other planks you have lying around, or you can simply construct a hinged table attached to your wall that can fold down and function as a table for serving drinks.

Have fun with the offcuts

Not all DIY projects have to be boring and functional. You can use your offcuts for some fun projects and get the kids involved.

Sure, you can simply take your offcuts to the nearest recycling facility, but why not make your garden a little bit more unique?

Cornhole is a popular game in America, where a bean bag is thrown at a board with a hole in it. If the bag passes through the hole, you get points. You can easily construct a cornhole board from composite decking.

If you have just a little bit of composite decking left, use the boards as nameplates. You can etch your house number into it, use it to number rooms if you have a hospitality business, or display your address on it.

Use leftover boards to create edges around your flower beds. This is a small detail that will make a brilliant difference in your garden. Simply stamp the boards into the ground along the edges of your flower beds for a sleek look.

If you have any square offcuts left, these can be used as stepping stones throughout the garden.



Can composite decking boards be recycled?

Composite decking boards can be recycled, so are recyclable – boards can be used to make other building materials such as substructure or wall partitioning.

Is composite decking better than traditional wooden decking?

Composite decking is slightly more expensive than traditional wooden decking, but it is seen as a worthy investment. These boards are durable, eco-friendly and have little-to-no maintenance costs.

However, if you want to go for a real, natural timber look, then opt for wood instead, but be prepared for frequent maintenance and protection of the planks against the elements.

Are composite products toxic?

No, composite products are not toxic. These boards are not chemically treated, and no hazardous seals or stains are applied to the products. These boards really are the ultimate environmentally friendly products, and will not leach any toxic substances into the environment.


Final Thoughts

Ecoscape UK’s composites are incredibly versatile, and much more useful than traditional wood products when it comes to outdoor use.

These products are durable, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance, making them the perfect addition to any garden.

If you have some offcuts left over from your new fence, deck or siding, don’t throw them away! These leftover boards can be used in a variety of ways around the house and garden – only your imagination (and DIY skills) is the limit!

If you are looking for some high-quality composite products, make sure to contact Ecoscape UK today!

Gary is the founder and CEO of Ecoscape UK. Gary graduated from Liverpool JM University in 2007 with a 2:1 in Economics. A passion for innovation, design and sustainability, Gary has put to market numerous wpc products/systems, some of which have UK and European registered designs. Outside of work Gary enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors and watching Manchester United.