Are Decking Pedestals Required To Be Fixed Down?

Installing composite decking is a relatively straightforward job that can easily be carried out by professionals or taken on by someone with adequate experience.

Correctly installing decking will not only impact the quality of the finish but will also determine the longevity and safety of the decking area.

Ecoscape decking pedestals are an excellent way to support a raised decking area, prolong the life of the components, and protect your product warranty.

This guide will explore whether decking pedestals must be fixed down during the installation process.


Decking Pedestals

Decking pedestals are an excellent way to raise a decking area and securely support a subframe. Raising a subframe and decking area helps to minimise the exposure to moisture your decking materials will have.

Timber subframes and joists will benefit from being waterproofed and well maintained, but prolonged exposure to moisture can still compromise the structural integrity of the material over time.

Raised decks are better for drainage and ventilation and can help to prolong the life of your deck.


Pedestal Fitting Requirements

Whether pedestals require to be fitted during the installation process typically depends on the surface they are being used on.

The versatility of Ecoscape decking pedestals allows installation on a variety of surfaces, and various materials can be used along with it.

The materials you choose to construct your subframe with will determine the longevity and maintenance required.

Timber subframes are relatively common because they are easy to work with and inexpensive. however, they do require regular maintenance and can still suffer from environmental factors such as moisture or heat.

Aluminium and composite subframes offer strength and longevity and won’t rot or splinter like timber, but they are typically more expensive.

Pedestals can be placed beneath the joists which support your deck boards. Composite deck boards are significantly heavier than timber alternatives and need adequate support. Joists will typically be placed closer together, and your pedestals will help to support these.

The surface you are installing in your decking area will play a significant part in how the decking pedestal is secured.

Bare Earth or Soil

If you intend to install a decking area over soil or turf, it is essential that you ensure the area is level and does not have a risk of shifting.

If the area you place your decking pedestals has the potential for movement, this will compromise the safety of the whole structure, and you should consider an alternative location or securing the area.

A geotextile membrane should be used on the area to stop weeds from growing beneath the decking area.

A floating installation can then be carried out. This is where the pedestals are installed but not secured to the ground.

The weight of the joists and decking placed on the decking risers will keep them securely in place.


Installing decking pedestals on turf is a similar process to a soil installation. You must ensure the area is level, secure and free from the risk of movement, and cover the area with a geotextile to stop the grass from growing through expansion gaps in the decking.

A floating installation is best for a grass surface, and this is why it is so important for the area to be level and secure before starting. The weight of the structure will then hold the supports in place.


If you have a grass or soil area you want to deck, you will also have the option of laying concrete to build your decking. Alternatively, you might already have a concrete area that you plan to deck over.

You should check the existing area with a spirit level and ensure there are no problems with the concrete.

After measuring out the area and calculating the decking pedestals required to support the deck you are installing, the pedestals can be anchored to the concrete. This provides additional stability and ensures your pedestals won’t move when placing each joist or when laying boards.


If you have a slabbed patio area, you should follow the advice for concrete and ensure it is level and in good shape before starting.

You will be able to anchor your decking pedestals to each concrete slab after measuring the area carefully and planning your decking.


Roof drainage is an essential part of any home. You should be careful not to compromise this by piercing waterproof membranes.

Roofs with a slight slope can benefit from using adjustable pedestals to secure each joist at the desired height and lay even decking.

Raising your decking from the roof will also help with drainage and result in a properly ventilated terrace. Failing to do this can compromise the decking and roofing materials.


Ecoscape Decking Pedestals

Investing in high-quality composite decking can be a great way to ensure it lasts longer, looks great, and requires minimal upkeep.

That being said, failing to install it properly or invest in high-quality subframes, joists, or additional components can compromise the performance and longevity of the deck.

Ecoscape decking pedestals are a high-quality, environmentally friendly way of raising and supporting your deck.

Ecoscape King decking pedestals are unique as they offer an adjustable or fixed base. There is an excellent range of sizes to choose from and a high compression rating on each model.

The Ecoscape Queen pedestal range comes with additional components that can be purchased separately for self-levelling.

All Ecoscape pedestals are made in Italy from 100% recycled polypropylene. They are also 100% recyclable, making them an excellent option for people looking for a greener way to improve their homes.

They are designed to provide quick and easy installation for commercial and residential properties and work with wood, aluminium, and plastic joists.

If you want to learn more about product specifications, sizes, and costs, visit the Ecoscape pedestal page for guidance.



Should decking be installed with a slope?

Yes, all decking should be installed with a slight gradient to improve water runoff and drainage.

A 1% gradient will allow water to run naturally from your deck boards, but it won’t be noticeable for anyone standing on it.

If the decking you choose is grooved, it should be placed so the grooves run with the gradient to aid drainage.

This should be considered when planning your decking, as the boards must be placed at a right angle to the joists. The gradient will also be determined when installing your pedestals.

Why is ventilation so important for decking and terracing?

A well-ventilated terrace or deck will help to minimise the moisture your decking materials and the subframe are subjected to.

A gap of at least 18 inches should be allowed for air to move freely below your deck. The thermal expansion gaps between deck boards will also help with ventilation.

A well-ventilated terrace or deck will also help to moderate the temperature beneath the deck, which can also affect the materials.

How long do adjustable pedestals last?

Because decking pedestals are designed to support your joists and decking, it is essential that they last for a long time.

The high-quality adjustable pedestals available at Ecoscape come with a 15-year limited warranty and 50-year design life.

This will give peace of mind to anyone that wants to invest in high-quality products and needs a support system to last as long as the decking materials.

Are decking pedestals a compulsory part of deck construction?

No, decking pedestals are optional. However, the benefits and support they provide your decking and joists make them a worthwhile investment.

Pedestals enable you to raise the deck so you can safeguard your decking from moisture and premature degradation. They also make it easier for you to enjoy a level floor surface at your desired height.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are upgrading your own home or a commercial property, the installation process will be the most significant part of the whole job.

The quality of your decking, how long it lasts, and its safety are all determined by how well it is installed.

Following the supplier’s installation guide is essential, as deviating from these guidelines can void the product warranty.

Using high-quality components that complement one another will also help to create a strong, safe, long-lasting deck.

Ecoscape’s range of excellent decking components, accessories, and tools make it easy for you to get everything you need.

Using adjustable pedestals make installing your deck joists significantly easier, and the adjustable feature makes it a simple job to level them.

Your decking or terracing project should provide your home with a versatile area for you and your family to enjoy. Using adjustable pedestals can help you achieve this.

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