Composite Decking Boards Inspiration

Whether you have a small or large property, installing a deck into your garden can really transform your outdoor living space into an oasis of relaxation or the next hotspot for your neighbourhood barbeques in summer. There is a plethora of ways to make your plot look more stylish and liveable while creating dedicated zones in your garden as well.

Composite decking is one of these and really gives your garden a contemporary look while being low maintenance and long-lasting, as well.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to make your new composite deck project a success, we have put together the latest decking ideas to turn your outdoor space into your new favourite area to be in while you’re at home!


Deck Function Ideas

In the last three years, our homes have taken on lots of different functions, from home offices to gyms, you name it. Therefore, optimising the way how you use your space has become the new normal. Naturally, your outdoor living space now also has to step up its game when it comes to usability.

Gone are the days when you just use your deck for some garden furniture and a pot plant – there are better ways to step up your outdoor living space game.

Perhaps these suggestions on how to make better and more efficient use of your patio will spark some inspiration in you to turn your space into a multi-activity area that accommodates relaxation, fitness, work as well as dining al fresco!


Urban Rooftop Terrace

If you are living in the city, space is a precious commodity, and you have to make do with what your apartment has to offer. Installing a small deck on your balcony or rooftop terrace can therefore be the most efficient way to go!

Whether you want to use it for a dining spot on warm summer nights or to enjoy a cocktail with your neighbours – it all feels a bit more classy with a deck! Put up some fairy lights and planters, and you have your own little urban oasis, no matter how tiny it is.

Using composite decking boards will be your best bet, too, as they are easy to maintain and clean, which is something every city dweller with little time loves to hear!


Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Area

If you are not too tight for space and live in an area that offers some beautiful sunny days in summer, why not consider turning your outdoor space into a kitchen area for cooking and dining under the sky?

Your composite decking will be your best friend in this endeavour as the material is easy to clean, non-slip and extremely durable – just how you want your kitchen area to be, right?


Vertical Composite Decking

Did you think that decking was just used for flooring? Well, think again – you can install composite decking on your walls just the same and give your new deck an even more contemporary look.

On top of that, installing pots and pockets or even a whole living wall made of composite material for your favourite outdoor plants will make the look of your outdoor space stand out even more!


Outdoor Living Space

Creating a stylish lounging area with contemporary garden furniture to match will make you feel like you’re on a holiday while actually still being at home.

Add a few accessories such as fairy lights, cushions, blankets and perhaps an outdoor TV for the next sporting event, and you will see yourself cuddling up for a movie night underneath the stars in no time!

You won’t even need extra furniture if you install your deck on different levels and create a lounging space which sits below the actual deck level – but more on this in a bit.


Pool or Hot Tub Decking

Perhaps you have the luxury of owning an outdoor pool or even a little hot tub but don’t want to step onto soggy and dirty grass or mud after you have just taken a refreshing dip?

Using composite decking around your swim area is a smart way to prevent you and your loved ones from slipping and falling, and thanks to its long-lasting materials, it can easily withstand water splashes, too.

Another innovative design idea for composite decking is to create a bridge of composite decking materials across your pool or pond! If you are in need of a quicker connection to the other side but want to feel safe because of the non-slip materials used, then going with composite decking for your bridge is the best way forward.


Deck Design Options

If you have made up your mind on how you would like to use your future deck, here are some insights into how to make your deck not just functional but also super stylish.

With the following deck design ideas, your decking area is going to be the new centre point of your home:


Picture Framing

No matter how simple your decking project set-up will be, this composite decking design will give your deck a distinguished look while being simple to establish.

Picture framing makes sure that the edge of your deck has a neat border and ties the design of your composite deck together nicely.


Diagonal Runs

If you have an elongated space available for your composite deck, going with diagonal runs for your composite decking boards can be a creative way to avoid long linear runs of boards, which will make the space look even more stretched out.

Letting your boards run diagonally will provide a sophisticated look that can set itself apart from the rest of the space.


Curved Edges

If you are feeling bold and you think that your space deserves to have a more dynamic look, then you could try creating a composite deck with curved edges to round off your otherwise very edged home space.

Make sure to allow for more wastage with this method, however. It might not be the most efficient option, but it will definitely be the most eye-catching option for your composite decking area!


Chevron Pattern

If you thought that diagonal runs were already the most innovative of composite decking ideas – think again. Letting your composite boards run in a chevron pattern definitely offers a classic but contemporary twist to the otherwise very traditional way of laying composite decking boards.


Different Levels

We have mentioned it earlier, but installing different levels in your composite deck can be a wonderful way to create different zones in your decking area and really take your decking design to a new level.

A sunken outdoor living area can accommodate your dream of a lounging space under the stars, and you won’t even need any extra garden furniture to make it come true! Your composite decking material will provide a practical and splinter-free alternative to make your garden den a cosy success.

Otherwise, if you have a sloping garden but don’t want a patio that looks like a launching strip for your own little aircraft, using different levels can be a wonderful way to even out any sharp dips in your garden and make your outdoor space more accessible!


Composite Decking Colours


If you want to make your garden space appear timeless, going for different shades of grey composite decking is the way to go. Thanks to its versatility, you will be able to pair your grey composite deck with almost any other landscape idea or garden furniture.



If you are feeling bold, go black for your composite decking colour scheme to greater a dramatic focal space in your garden. On top of that, nobody ever said that black is a cold colour – depending on the right undertone, you can still create a warm and welcoming space with your composite deck.

On top of that, you can give your favourite plants another time to shine, as the dark deck will truly make the vibrant green foliage or beautiful blossoms pop even more!



For those that want to go with a more natural and traditional tone for their composite deck, choosing different brown tones can really transform your deck into that typical forest cabin feel.

You will achieve a very traditional timber-like finish, but without the unwanted side-effects of rot, splinters, slippery surfaces and sun-damaged colouring you usually get when going for normal wood decking.


Composite Decking Design Accessories

To finish off your new outdoor living area and bring the design together neatly, here are a few extra design ideas you should incorporate into your composite decking project:

Decking Lighting

If you want to enjoy your new composite deck long into the night, installing lights on your decking floor might be a very effective and beautiful way to brighten up your space.

Whether you go for post cap lights, stair riser lights or recessed lights, the choice is yours to make your composite decking shine in the light it deserves. Another innovative way to add light in a subtle way might be to install it into the railing around your composite deck!


Deck Railing

As just mentioned, if your deck is elevated or has several levels, you might want to install a railing to protect you and your guests from falling or simply to define your outdoor living zone a bit better.

As stated above, a railing can be useful for hiding lighting and illuminating the borders of your composite deck, or you could also use it to hang some pot plants or even fairy lights!


Decking Steps

Another must-have if you are going with different levels for your composite decking area! Installing matching materials for your steps or highlighting these in a different composite material colour can create a stylish, eye-catching look for your deck.

Don’t forget that you can install light bulbs into your composite steps as well; what a way to make an entrance!


Covered Decking

You may not need to worry about your composite decking ever losing its colour due to heavy rain or UV rays – this durable material really can withstand almost any kind of harsh weather for the longest time.

But adding some cover in the form of a matching pergola is an innovative way to add some shade for you and your guests on extra hot summer days or to protect you from some drizzle if you still want to enjoy some fresh air.



What are the best composite decking ideas if you have a small garden?

If you have a smaller garden space, make sure you focus on highlighting its best features to make your composite decking design incorporate these in the best way possible, such as building your deck around your favourite tree and making it the centrepiece.

On top of that, choosing the right decking design can help make your space look more spacious! Going with diagonal runs for your composite decking will help you with creating the illusion of having a larger area. So would ambient lighting, which can be sneakily installed into your decking floor.

As we mentioned earlier already – you can also opt to use composite decking for vertical spaces and beautify a wall instead of floor space – vertical gardens have been on the rise for a while now, so why not jump onto that design train?


Why is composite decking better than traditional timber?

First and foremost, composite decking is a more eco-friendly and sustainable option for your decking project to timber. Thanks to using recycled materials and certified reclaimed wood fibres, composite decking has a way lower carbon footprint than any timber decking could have.

On top of that, the way composite materials are treated gives them specific advantageous features which are hard to achieve with normal wooden boards. Thanks to being formed under a lot of pressure, composite decking is splinter-free and also anti-slippery, which are two very sought-after traits when it comes to decking.

Normal timber also gets easily bleached out from too much sun, meaning you will not get to keep its original colour for long. The same goes for it being very sensitive to water, meaning you will have to buff and seal it regularly to prevent it from rot or deformation. With composite, you won’t ever have these issues either.


What do I have to consider before starting my composite decking design project?

First of all, you should know what you want to use your composite decking area for and which materials and colours you want to incorporate into your future deck. On top of that, it is worthwhile considering whether you are able to DIY your own composite deck or if you need the help of a pro landscaper.

Luckily, when going for composite decking, you are likely able to do the project yourself, as it is easy to work with, does not crack, splinter or warp, won’t require extra sanding or painting and is therefore very beginner friendly.

If you feel inspired and would like to know how to efficiently plan your next deck project, check out our ultimate Guide On How To Plan Your Composite Decking Project!


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