Decking Prices & Installation Costs

The cost of decking installation may depend on a range of factors, including the deck area size and the complexity of your design. Here at Ecoscape, all our composite decking is incredibly easy to install, helping to reduce your overall decking project time and make a clean, even installation as simple as possible.

How much is composite decking installation?

There are many factors which can influence a composite decking’s installation cost, including:

  • The Amount of Decking Needed.
  • The Kind of Decking Used.
  • Built-In Deck Drainage Systems
  • The Shape of The Deck
  • Laying pattern – diagonal decks use more material and are more labour intensive, laying a composite deck at 45 degrees takes much more time. 
  • Labour Costs
  • Substructure Choice

At Ecoscape, we can provide composite decking in a range of sizes to make installation as simple and affordable as possible. We provide everything you need to install composite decking, including all hidden fixing accessories such as decking joists, decking pedestals and cradles, decking trims and edging, and a range of decking clips for easy installation. For more information on how to install composite decking, take a look at our Ecoscape easy-installation guide

Composite Decking Prices 

Take a look at our Clarity Composite decking range for an entry-level and affordable composite decking solution from £41.55 per square metre. 

We also offer a Premium Forma range with anti-stain and anti-slip technology from £66.12 per square metre. 

Since joining Ecoscape, Callum has helped to digitise our existing products and revise our documentation for existing products; he has also had a hand in developing new product ranges, and regularly helps specifiers understand and specify our products by providing detailing and technical information support. Prior to joining Ecoscape, Callum had over 5 years experience in the building products manufacturing industry. Callum has an undergraduate Engineering degree, and is currently studying part-time for an MSc in BIM and Digital Built Environments. He enjoys keeping active by hiking and running. He also enjoys playing football, and currently endures watching Manchester United.