How Do Decking Pedestals Work On Different Surfaces?

Installing decking on your property is a great way to create a versatile area for your whole family to enjoy.

In some cases, decking installations can increase property value and can make the most of space that wasn’t being used.

Decking installation is an essential part of the process because poorly installed decking can lead to safety issues, compromise the performance of the decking boards, and reduce the potential lifespan of the decking area.

This guide will explore the use of composite decking pedestals on different surfaces when installing a decking area.


Why Use Decking Pedestals?

Decking pedestals are a great way to create a raised platform for your decking subframe. It is essential that the subframe structure is strong and built to last.

Composite decking is heavy and long-lasting. If your subframe has prolonged exposure to moisture, it can weaken over time.

Timber subframes and joists, in particular, can rot when exposed to moisture. The weight of composite decking can cause the subframe to bow and, in some cases, snap. The safety of your decking area should always be a priority, so minimising the subframe’s exposure to moisture is essential.

Proper waterproofing and drainage will make a significant difference, as will raising the subframe from the ground.

Decking pedestals are available in a range of sizes and are an excellent way to provide risk-free support to the subframe. You will be able to set the pedestals to your desired height and allow ample space below your decking for drainage and ventilation.


How do Decking Pedestals Work on Different Surfaces?

Installing composite decking is typically a straightforward task, but the type of ground you are installing it on can create some issues.

You might have an existing patio, a grassy back garden, an uneven area, or want to install a terrace to make the most of limited outdoor space

Decking pedestals can provide a safe and secure solution for a variety of surfaces.


Not every garden will be completely level, and some will have different surfaces. Trying to find a way to lay decking may appear challenging.

Using adjustable supports provides an excellent solution for residential and commercial projects.


If your garden has a concrete area or slabbed patio area, you will be able to use decking pedestals and secure them into the ground. Adjustable pedestals can also be used to secure decking over multi-level areas.

You will first have to work out the decking area size and planned height before you can calculate the pedestals needed for your project.

At Ecoscape, you will be able to use the on-site calculator or speak to one of the experts to find out the components and materials needed for the decking area.

Before you begin, measuring out the area and following the supplier guidelines on spacing will help you mark out the areas your pedestals should be installed.

You will then be able to use ground anchors to secure them in place. Your subframe joists will be fitted at a right angle to the decking boards, so this will have to be considered before starting.


Anyone with a grass or soil back garden will have the option to lay concrete or prepare the area to install decking pedestals directly on the surface.

Creating a level surface is part of preparing the area for your pedestals.

Removing any obstacles and clearing the area before laying a geotextile membrane to stop weeds or grass from growing up through the decking is also advised.

Unlike a concrete base, soil or turf will see a floating installation where the weight of the subframe and decking hold it in place rather than anchoring down the pedestals.

Because of this, the area must be secure and unlikely to shift. Unstable ground can cause the pedestals to shift and compromise the subframe structure and safety.

Roof Terrace

Terraces and balconies can be a welcome addition to properties with relatively little outdoor space. In some cases, the property will have no access to gardens, so roof terraces or balconies can be the only option available to enjoy relaxing outside.

The safety of balconies and roof terraces is absolutely essential, and due care should be taken during the installation process.

The support pedestals created can help to secure subframes and high-quality composite decking.

Materials used in high-rise properties must adhere to building regulations. Manufacturers of high-quality products will advise you of their classifications, and you will be able to discuss requirements with your local planning authority.

Ecoscape offers an excellent range of paving and decking pedestals to suit all needs.

As flat roofs will be made from a waterproof material, each decking pedestal will help to support paving, decking, or the subframe.

A timber subframe designed to support heavy loads will need to be treated and protected from continuous exposure to moisture. A timber joist that is exposed to moisture can weaken, rot, splinter, or snap.

Support pedestals help to keep joists and decking materials clear of the roof. This aids in drainage and ventilation.

Ecoscape decking pedestals are suitable for all roofing types and balconies and simple to install. Placing them at manufacturer-recommended support centres ensures security, and the pedestal height can be adjusted to a suitable level.

A well-designed and expertly installed terrace or balcony can increase your property value, so selecting the best materials to guarantee it lasts for a long time can be a worthwhile investment.


Buying Ecoscape Decking Pedestals

Anyone looking for high-quality, sustainable decking support will find the excellent options at Ecoscape, the perfect solution.

Made from 100% recycled Polypropylene, the Ecoscape range of decking pedestals are available in both Queen and King Dual Adjustable options.

Queen adjustable composite pedestals are available in a variety of sizes that range from 21 mm – 30 mm up to 1,114 mm – 1,224 mm.

Ecoscape King dual adjustment pedestals are available in sizes ranging from 30 mm – 41 mm up to 979 mm – 1,089 mm.

Prices will vary depending on the pedestal size needed and the decking area you are planning.

The larger the decking area, the more pedestals will be required to provide support for the subframe.

The long-lasting, durable composite pedestals have a 15-year warranty and 50-year design life, making them an excellent choice for anyone installing decking or terracing in the UK.

Explore the full range of composite decking pedestals and accessories available from Ecoscape to find the perfect materials for your decking or roof terrace projects.



Is composite best for decking pedestals?

Composite materials are perfect for decking pedestals because they are long-lasting and durable.

Like composite deck boards, composite pedestals can withstand the wet weather that is so common in the UK.

Installing a timber joist frame for decking is popular, but the timber can rot over time if it is exposed to water and not regularly treated.

Support risers will help to keep the joist frame free from moisture on surface levels underneath the decking.

The underlying hard surface should have adequate drainage and ventilation to minimise this risk, but it can still happen.

Unlike timber, composite requires significantly less maintenance and will last a long time without treatments or weatherproofing.

How much do decking pedestals cost?

Decking pedestals vary in cost depending on their size. The following shows the prices for Ecoscape King and Queen composite decking pedestals;

Ecoscape King Dual Adjustment Pedestals

  • Ecoscape 30 to 41 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £3.80
  • Ecoscape 41 to 63 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £4.07
  • Ecoscape 63 to 95 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal :£4.58
  • Ecoscape 95 to 152 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £5.03
  • Ecoscape 152 to 209 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £5.52
  • Ecoscape 209 to 272 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £6.43
  • Ecoscape 272 to 329 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £6.92
  • Ecoscape 329 to 380 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £7.83
  • Ecoscape 380 to 436 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £8.32
  • Ecoscape 436 to 545 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £9.72
  • Ecoscape 545 to 649 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £11.12
  • Ecoscape 649 to 759 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £12.52
  • Ecoscape 759 to 869 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £13.92
  • Ecoscape 869 to 979 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £15.32
  • Ecoscape 979 to 1,089 mm King Dual Adjustment Pedestal: £16.72

Ecoscape Queen Adjustable Pedestals

  • Ecoscape 21 to 30 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £2.67
  • Ecoscape 29 to 44 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £2.45
  • Ecoscape 43 to 72 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £2.45
  • Ecoscape 70 to 126 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £3.63
  • Ecoscape 124 to 234 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £4.33
  • Ecoscape 134 to 236 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £5.03
  • Ecoscape 236 to 344 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £5.73
  • Ecoscape 344 to 454 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £7.13
  • Ecoscape 454 to 564 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £8.53
  • Ecoscape 564 to 674 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £9.93
  • Ecoscape 674 to 784 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £11.33
  • Ecoscape 784 to 894 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £12.73
  • Ecoscape 894 to 1,004 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £14.13
  • Ecoscape 1,004 to 1,114 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £15.53
  • Ecoscape 1,114 to 1,224 mm Queen Adjustable Pedestal: £16.93

Why shouldn’t I build a deck directly on the ground?

Building decking directly on the floor exposes the materials to moisture and can cause drainage issues.

Being able to raise the decking and subframe materials above the ground, design them with a slight incline, and ensure your drainage and ventilation is suitable for your decking will help to prolong the life expectancy of the materials and performance of the decking.

How much space is needed under decking?

Allowing a space of at least 18 inches will allow proper ventilation below the deck.

This is an essential part of temperature control and allows the boards to dry out properly in poor weather.

Thermal expansion gaps also allow for adequate ventilation as well as allowing the board space as they expand and contract in different temperatures.

What frame material should you use with support decking pedestals?

Decking pedestals can be used with all subframe material types. The subframe material you choose may differ depending on a number of factors.

Your budget may play a big part in the materials you choose, and timber is an affordable and commonly used option. While composite and aluminium are more expensive, they require significantly less upkeep and will typically last longer.

No matter what subframe material you use, Ecoscape composite support pedestals create a solid base to work from.


Final Thoughts

Composite decking pedestals are an excellent alternative to traditional post supports. They provide an excellent way to protect your sub-structure and a professional standard surface for your flooring surface.

Pedestals can be used in residential or commercial buildings to create raised floors that are safe and secure.

The waterproof layer that protects Ecoscape composite decking pedestals makes them the perfect choice for outside decking areas in the UK.

They are easy to install on all surfaces, and Ecoscape’s environmentally friendly manufacturing process makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

For further product specifications and a calculator to help you work out the decking pedestals needed for your project, visit the Ecoscape decking pedestal page.

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