How To Style Your Ecoscape Deck – 5 Hints And Tips

No one wants to spend summer sitting on an old rotting wooden deck. Ecoscape UK offers amazing, durable and beautiful composite decking and fencing solutions that will take the hassle out of maintaining your timber structures in your backyard.

Having a beautiful deck in your garden is just the first step to creating your own private oasis – you need to be able to style your deck so that it is a functional, safe and comfortable space for you and your loved ones.

We have compiled a list of five tips and tricks to style your Ecoscape composite deck to make the most of your outdoor living space. We will also look at the benefits of composite boards, and how easy it is to maintain this type of decking board.


How To Style Your Ecoscape UK Composite Decking

It is undisputed that Ecoscape UK provides the highest quality composite products. Once you have this incredibly easy-to-install deck in your backyard, it is time to consider how you can style your deck.

Whether you got a new deck, or you simply want to spice up your existing composite deck, here are five ways in which you can style your deck to give it new life.

1. Change up your railings

If you have an existing deck that has been in your garden for many years, it is time you consider upgrading your railings.

Railings are mostly overlooked, but new railings made from matching decking boards or new materials can completely upgrade your outdoor area.

Ecoscape provides balustrades made from composite material, glass or steel, and these balustrades can be exactly what you need to spice up your deck.

If you do not want to completely overhaul your railings, why not make them more visually interesting? You can weave fairy lights or creeping plants along the railings to make them part of your outdoor decor.

2. Consider stairs

Can you only access your deck from the house? Do you sometimes wish you can quickly hop down from your deck directly into the garden? Stairs are your answer!

Having stairs leading down from your deck onto the lawn or garden is a great addition to your Ecoscape deck as it makes the deck more functional and does not hinder movement through your backyard.

Your deck stairs can be made from matching composite decking boards, or you can use a different colour to make the stairs pop, especially at night.

You can also play with the design or style of the stairs. They can be wide or narrow, in a corner or along the width of the deck. The stairs can be connected to a pathway or step down to the pool or lawn.

3. An awning for optional shade

Umbrellas on a deck can be a hassle to deal with, especially if you need more than one to provide adequate shade during the hot UK summers.

To prevent yourself from fussing with an umbrella, you can install a retractable awning over the deck. This awning can be pulled out on sunny days and will provide a great area with shade. If the sun isn’t shining – or if you wish to sunbathe – simply retract the awning again.

Awnings come in a variety of colours and fabrics, meaning you can find the perfect colour choice to match your composite decking boards.

4. A shady pergola

Should you still wish to have some sun on your deck, then a pergola is a great option. Although they do not offer as much shade as an awning or umbrella, they can still block harsh sunlight.

Pergolas can be attached to your house or can be stand-alone. This versatility means that they can make your deck feel like an extension of your house or separate outdoor living space.

You can style your pergola in any way you wish. Weatherproof drapes can provide a sense of privacy, or you can string fairy lights from them for a cosy, soft atmosphere. If you have a green thumb, some hanging baskets with plants will complement your deck and seating area beautifully.

5. Get a gazebo

A large deck will definitely benefit from a gazebo. Your gazebo can be open or have drapes or an awning that can close it off if the weather turns bad.

A gazebo will make your deck feel like a cosy outdoor room and can be installed over a seating area or outdoor kitchen.

Gazebos offer both, shade as well as protection from inclement weather, making them the perfect addition to gardens that have enough space.

You can style your gazebo with solar lights, plants or colourful linens to add a pop of colour and brightness to your yard. You can even attach an outdoor heater or ceiling fan to your gazebo to make it extra comfortable and functional throughout the year.


Why Choose Ecoscape Composite Decking?

Now that you know how to style your composite deck, you might be reading this thinking “but why would I choose a composite deck over a traditional wooden deck?”.

Composite decking boards have many benefits over other decking materials, including their slip-resistance, waterproof abilities and durability.

Let’s look at some benefits of Ecoscape UK’s decking boards.

Low maintenance

Composite boards are made from recycled plastic and repurposed wood fibres, making them much more durable than wooden decking. These boards do not require nearly as much maintenance as a wooden deck.

A composite decking board is water resistant, and will not warp when exposed to water. This means you do not have to worry about frequently replacing cracked or warped boards.

Ecoscapes decking boards come in 11 different colours, and although the colour will slightly fade after installation, you do not have to worry about constantly staining or repainting the boards to maintain your desired colour.

Composite fencing and decking boards are splinter-free, so you do not have to worry about sanding the boards to keep them free from splinters. The boards are also slip-resistant, so your little ones can run around outside without the fear of slipping or getting any wooden splinters embedded in their feet.

When it comes to cleaning your boards, simply sweep away any dirt or debris and use a soap and water solution to give the boards a light brush. You can also use a pressure washer, but use it on a light setting to prevent damage to the boards.

Mimics wood grain

Composite decking is made from wood fibres and can be manufactured to mimic the natural look of wood. The broad colour choice available with this Ecoscape product means that you can choose a colour for your new decking to match your favourite type of wood, such as birch, oak, ash or walnut.

With the eleven colour options on offer by Ecoscape, you do not have to sacrifice your personal style, plus you get an extremely durable product that will look natural and last for a very long time.

Environmentally friendly

Composite decking materials are made from recycled plastic and repurposed wood. No trees are chopped down to create Ecoscape products, and these products also reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.

Composite boards do not require any type of chemical treatment, which means no chemicals will leach into the environment when you install these boards in your backyard.

The durability of these composite products further enhances their sustainability, as they can last for 25 to 30 years before needing replacement.

When it is time to replace your Ecoscape UK deck, consider the alternative uses of the decking boards. Instead of simply throwing the boards away, you can use them in DIY projects around the house.

The boards can be transformed into outdoor shelves, you can get the whole family involved to build birdhouses, individual boards can be repurposed as stepping stones along your flower beds, or the boards can be used to construct planters or raised beds in your yard.

Affordable in the long run

Purchasing composite decking has high upfront costs – especially when compared to other decking materials – however, it is certainly worth the investment. This is because your deck will not require a lot of maintenance or costly repairs for many years.

Ecoscape UK offers you a 20-year warranty for their decking boards, so you can rest assured that you will not have to replace your deck every few years. You will also not have to apply any paint or stain to protect the deck (although some UV protectant applied annually will make the deck last as long as possible).

The boards won’t warp, crack or splinter, and are also insect-resistant, so there are no replacement costs involved.

So, although these decking boards are slightly expensive to purchase, they will be well worth it in the long run.

Wide colour choice

Ecoscape’s decking boards are available in eleven colour options:

  • Charcoal
  • Graphite
  • Ash
  • Autumn
  • Midnight
  • Walnut
  • Argent
  • Flint
  • Silver Birch
  • Spiced Oak
  • Havana

This variety of colours means you can construct the perfect deck that matches your design aesthetic. You can use a single colour or combine colours to create a beautiful patterned design on your deck.

You can also have your deck match your fencing or composite cladding, or be bold and mix and match your colours throughout your yard.

A great idea is to make the edging of your deck a different colour as it will prevent people from accidentally stepping off the deck when it is dark out. Our decking stairs can also be a different colour than the main part of your deck to make the steps stand out as a safety precaution.


The combination of recycled plastic and wood fibres makes this decking material incredibly durable. It is resistant to rot and mould, can withstand freezing temperatures, will not splinter, and will not warp when wet.

The inherent properties of these boards mean they will last for many years, and you do not have to live in fear that your guests will fall through a rotting plank in ten years’ time.

Composite decking will also not fade even when in direct sunlight. Although the colours will slightly fade for the first few weeks after installation, this process will halt and you can rest assured that your deck will maintain its beautiful colour for many years. You do not have to apply any stain or paint.


Composite products from Ecoscape UK are incredibly versatile. Ecoscape UK provides composite fencing, decking, cladding and balustrades, but even these products can be used in a variety of ways.

Composite boards can be used in any of these alternative ways:

  • Used as walkways throughout your garden.
  • A pool deck.
  • A tree house.
  • Raised flowerbeds or planters.
  • Decking stairs.
  • A children’s playhouse.
  • Floor for a storage shed.
  • A dog house.
  • Bird feeders or a birdhouse.
  • A vertical garden.
  • Benches and outdoor furniture.
  • Outdoor shelves.
  • A storage box to store outdoor cushions, blankets or tools.

Many people believe they have to use wood for many of these DIY projects, however, composite products are the perfect alternative as they do not rot, mould, warp or fade in colour.


How To Maintain Your Composite Deck

Composite decks are incredibly low maintenance, however, there are some steps you can take to get the most out of your new decking area.

Here are five simple steps you can take to keep your deck looking its best.

1. Clean up any debris

During autumn and winter, you may find lots of leaves and twigs on your deck. Although the boards will not rot or mould, the debris could decompose, resulting in a slippery surface.

Simply use an outdoor broom to sweep your deck regularly to get rid of any debris. You can also use a leaf blower (especially useful during autumn when there is a lot of leaf fall) to clear the deck.

Some of the debris may get stuck between the boards, so make sure to also check these gaps and remove any twigs or organic material that are stuck there. This will also help with any water puddles forming during rain events, as the water will be able to flow unobstructed through the gaps in the deck.

2. Refrain from dragging heavy objects

You shouldn’t drag heavy objects on any surface, really, but this holds especially true for composite decking.

Although these boards are very durable, you can still scratch the surface of the boards if you drag something heavy or sharp across their surface. You can also potentially weaken the decking joist.

To prevent this type of damage from occurring, rather lift up and carry any heavy objects that you wish to move around. You can also place protective pads on the feet of your outdoor furniture to prevent them from scratching your deck.

3. No hot objects

Although composite decking is made from wood fibres as well, the plastic within these boards is not completely heat-resistant.

Placing incredibly hot objects directly onto your composite deck can cause the plastic particles to melt, which will distort the look of your deck.

If you have a grill or outdoor kitchen, make sure you do not place any hot pots or appliances directly on the composite decking boards. Rather use a wooden board or another heat-resistant surface for hot objects.

4. Remove oil and grease immediately

Are your guests enjoying your deck for an al fresco dinner from the grill? Or do you have a complete outdoor kitchen set up on your deck?

No matter what you use your deck for, every so often someone might drop some food or beverages on your deck. It is crucial that you remove any oily or greasy food stains as soon as possible.

You get specialised grease removers specifically for composite boards that can be purchased at your garden centre or DIY store. Before applying the cleaning products, just check the manufacturer’s care instructions first.

Greasy or oily food has the potential to stain your composite boards permanently, so get ready to catch any spills.

5. Get rid of snow and ice

Although composite boards are water resistant and will not crack or warp when exposed to snow and ice, it is still a good idea to remove any ice from the deck. This will ensure that the deck remains safe to use.

Despite the deck being slip-resistant, a layer of ice can still lead to a slippery surface. To get rid of snow, simply use a leaf blower or a broom. Refrain from using any sharp objects like metal snow shovels on your composite deck as this can scratch the surface.



What is the most popular colour for composite boards?

Ecoscape UK offers eleven colour options for their composite boards and five contemporary colour options for their fencing and gates.

The colour you choose is completely up to your own personal style. A dark colour will make your flowers and greenery pop, while a lighter colour will make a small garden look bigger.

How do I decorate my Ecoscape UK composite deck?

There is no limit to how you can decorate your composite decking area. You can transform your deck into a seating or dining area, or an outdoor kitchen, and decorate it accordingly.

Outdoor rugs, furniture with colourful cushions, potted plants, solar lights and patterned blankets will all make your deck a cosy place. Floating shelves or an outdoor feature wall is also a great idea, or you can add baskets of plants on the walls near the deck.

What can I put around my deck’s edge to make my outdoor space cosier?

Your deck could be beautifully furnished and decorated, but the bare edges can completely ruin your stylish vibe. Here are some ways in which you can soften your deck’s edges:

  • Plant trees around your deck. They will also provide you with some privacy.
  • Grow shrubs or ground cover around the deck.
  • Place planters or potted plants along the edges of the deck or on the corners of the deck.
  • Build a slope up towards the deck and plant a lawn on it to have a sloping hill from the deck to the garden.
  • Try vertical gardening against the edges of the deck to make the space functional.


Contact Ecoscape UK Today For Your Composite Decking Needs

Styling your composite deck is incredibly easy. This low-maintenance material is incredibly versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways to match your home and garden.

You can style your deck by adding a new railing, an awning, pergola, or gazebo or including some new steps leading from your deck into the garden.

Each of these elements can further be styled and decorated to create the perfect outdoor area. You can include plants, lights, artwork, drapes and cushions to decorate your deck and outdoor furniture.

Ecoscape provides the highest quality composite products and world-class service. If you are looking for composite decking or other products, make sure to contact Ecoscape UK to check stock availability. If you are looking for composite products or accessories, contact Ecoscape UK today for a free quote.

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