How To Use Grey Composite Decking In Your Garden Design

Choosing the correct colour for your composite decking boards is essential to the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

A sleek grey composite decking area is the perfect way to create a new space within your garden. It’s perfect for relaxation, play, and dining.

Our decking is available in a range of colours and styles to suit existing colour schemes or transform your garden.

In this guide, we’ll specifically explore the benefits of grey composite boards and decking boards to get you up to speed.

Shades Of Grey Available In Composite Decking?

Our composite decking board ranges include the Forma, Clarity, and Grande ranges.

Forma composite decking boards are made from 95% of recycled plastic materials and come with a durable outer layer. The selection of grey composite decking boards in the Forma range includes:

Sample packs of the Forma composite decking are available at – you will find four various shades of wpc decking, from lighter grey composite decking to dark grey composite decking. Our Argent coloured, grey composite decking boards complement anthracite extremely well and are a sleek choice for contemporary gardens.

The Clarity range offers the same high-quality composite decking board without the capped outer layer. This is an excellent low-priced option that is available in three grey colours, these are:

Ash is the perfect choice for a light grey composite decking board, graphite ticks the box for a medium grey composite deck and the charcoal colour is available for those wanting a dark grey composite decking board.

Finally, the Grande composite decking board range has the same durable outer layer as the Forma range. The major difference is that this Grande board is 50% wider than standard composite decking boards.

The Grande composite decking board collection has a light grey composite decking board on one side and a medium to light grey (beige tone) on the other. If you’re after a large or wide grey composite decking board, then the Grande board will be right up your street as it is 225mm wide.

Is Grey Composite Decking Popular In 2023?

Grey remains one of the most popular colour choices for composite decking boards in 2023.

This is because it’s sophisticated and neutral. It can fit in well with most colour schemes and doesn’t overpower other elements or the overall look.

Is Grey Composite Decking Timeless?

Many colour schemes come and go with different trends. What’s hot one summer can quickly look outdated a few years later.

Because composite decking boards don’t need to be painted and last a long time, this could mean being stuck with an out-of-fashion colour. Grey offers homeowners a timeless aesthetic that goes well with most styles.

As it’s a neutral colour, it can complement other colours and features of your decking space nicely.

Can You Get Grey Woodgrain Decking?

Investing in a high-quality composite decking board ensures you get great style and performance.

Our Forma composite decking boards are double-sided with a woodgrain effect on one side and 25mm grooves on the other. We offer a light grey composite decking wood grain option in both 3000mm and 4800mm lengths.

The Clarity collection has 25mm and 6mm grooves on alternate sides. The Grande collection boasts a dovetail woodgrain effect on one side of the composite deck board, which is a light grey colour (beige). The other side is named Chateau which has a very light coloured woodgrain finish. We cover the full spectrum of grey composite decking shades, from lighter colours such as Chateau, Dovetail, Ash and Silver Birch to medium grey tones such as Graphite, Flint, and Argent and the darker grey composite tones of Midnight and Charcoal.

Does Grey Composite Decking Fade?

Composite decking board colours won’t fade as much as other materials. Plus, our capped composite decking boards include a UV-stable outer layer that is even more resistant to fading.

Investing in a high-quality composite decking board typically protects you from significant fading. Our Forma and Grande ranges are guaranteed against fading, so if you would like a grey composite deck that doesn’t fade, please choose one of our premium ranges.

How Much Is Grey Composite Decking?

Your budget will determine the type of grey composite decking board that’s best for you. At Ecoscape, we have a great selection of grey composite decking boards that offer excellent value for money.

Our cheapest composite decking board range is the Clarity collection, which costs £41.55 per square metre.

The Forma composite decking board range costs £66.12 per square metre. The most expensive option we provide is the Grande collection, at £69.58 per square metre.

Does Composite Grey Decking Look Like Real Wood?

Our collection of grey Forma and Grande composite boards is available with a wood grain finish to give it the appearance of real wood.

Real wood provides an excellent aesthetic for your outdoor space. However, it does require a lot of maintenance. Investing in grey composite decking boards can save you time and money. This is because you don’t need to treat and paint composite boards. The deck will look great in years to come.

Does Grey Composite Decking Get Hot?

The darker grey you choose, the more likely it is to retain heat. A graphite or charcoal deck tends to get warmer than light grey composite decking.

You should consider how much sun exposure your decking area is likely to get when choosing your colour.

What Colours Of Composite Decking Are Popular This Year?

Different shades of brown are proving to be a popular composite decking colour for 2023. This is because people want to mimic the natural colour of wood while enjoying the benefits of composite decking in their outdoor spaces. Light grey composite decking also remains a very popular choice. Instagram always seems to be a couple of years ahead when it comes to design and trend, its always a good place to check out the latest grey composite decking shades, start by taking a look at our Instagram page –

Does Grey Composite Decking Go With Porcelain Paving?

Light grey composite decking can work well with porcelain paving to create a seamless flow through your outdoor area. Alternatively, a darker grey composite decking board can produce a great contrast to denote the different areas.

Why Do Interior Designers Choose Grey Composite Decking?

Grey composite decking is a popular choice among interior designers because it can work well with other colours. It always creates a sophisticated aesthetic and doesn’t overshadow other design features and choices.

Grey is a colour that doesn’t go out of style, which means it can offer longevity to the work of interior designers.

Choosing neutral colours that won’t go out of style allows them to focus on other style choices that can be replaced more easily. This includes art or furniture, which can be replaced more easily than flooring.

Are Grey Decks Suitable For Commercial Projects?

Grey composite decking is perfect for commercial projects. This is because it won’t show wear or marks as easily as white or black flooring. This is essential for areas with high foot traffic.

Different shades of grey composite decking can also complement a range of styles. This makes it ideal for restaurants, bars, and other commercial projects.


How should I decorate my garden if I have grey composite decking?

Dark and light grey composite decking is a great choice for many gardens. The neutral, natural colours allow colourful flowers to pop during the summer, which means flower beds work well alongside them.

Rock beds and landscaping stones can also complement grey composite decking in UK gardens.

Should the colour of my window frames dictate my composite decking colour?

The most popular window frame colours are white, black, and grey. Grey composite decking goes well with any of these colours. If you have brightly coloured window frames, grey composite deck boards can create a nice contrast. Anthracite windows are very similar in colour to our Forma Argent composite boards and are a popular choice.

It’s important that your decking doesn’t clash with other aspects of your garden’s aesthetic. This is why grey is such a popular choice for a finished deck it.

What colour decking is best for contemporary properties?

A grey composite deck perfectly complements modern, contemporary properties. Brown decking typically suits more traditional properties.

However, these are not hard and fast rules, and grey composite decking can also work well with most traditional properties.

A modern or contemporary home can choose a grey colour palette, covering textures such as stone, fabric, metal, or a composite deck.

How can I match other parts of my property to grey composite decking?

At Ecoscape, we offer a wide range of composite products that can be matched with your grey composite decking boards. This includes fencing and cladding.

Our grey composite fencing and cladding are available in a range of shades to complement your decking.

The Forma grey cladding boards look sleek against white render or a light coloured brick, as with our Forma composite decking, the grey composite cladding boards will last for many years, at Ecoscape we have no minimum order and you can order any quantity of board you require.

Final Thoughts

Dark and light grey composite decking boards are an excellent, timeless choice for UK properties.

The composite boards at Ecoscape are made with recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres. This means you can achieve a finished deck without harming the planet.

The low maintenance qualities of composite make it a popular choice, and our selection of grey composite boards ensures you will find the perfect shade.

Investing in a composite deck will give you a long-lasting outdoor area that looks great. It’s a perfect outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy throughout the year. In some cases, a stylish decking area can even increase a property’s value.

Gary is the founder and CEO of Ecoscape UK. Gary graduated from Liverpool JM University in 2007 with a 2:1 in Economics. A passion for innovation, design and sustainability, Gary has put to market numerous wpc products/systems, some of which have UK and European registered designs. Outside of work Gary enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors and watching Manchester United.