What to Clean Composite Decking With

When it comes to cleaning composite decking, our expert advice is to treat the composite deck like you would treat linoleum flooring. You can easily clean composite decking with a soft brush, water, and a mild detergent. Once you’ve scrubbed the composite decking boards, be sure to rinse the deck well to remove all of the soap.

5 Composite decking cleaning tips

  1. Always clear the composite decking of any debris such as leaves or dirt before beginning the cleaning process. 
  2. Do not use household bleach to clean your composite decking. Use a sodium percarbonate based cleaner to clean composite decking as it is an environmentally-friendly bleach agent and able to clean a range of bacteria from fungi to mildew. 
  3. Dissolve 50-60g of the cleaner per litre into warm water and apply to the composite decking surface a section at a time for around 30-60 minutes (longer for stubborn stains) before scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush.
  4. Rinse off the solution with clean, fresh water and never use a pressure washer on composite decking as it can cause the outer layer to ‘etch’ off leading to chipping, risk of sun damage, or mould. We would only recommend using a jet wash when using the fan shaped nosel and on a low psi. We would recommend jet washing your composite decking twice a year,extra care is needed for lighter colours like Ash and graphite in the Clarity composite decking range.
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