Why Black Composite Decking Is The Choice For Garden Designers

If you’re considering installing or updating your decking, you have some important decisions to make. One of the most important choices is colour.

Composite decking boards are long-lasting and require very little maintenance. This means you won’t need to weatherproof or paint them. This can lead to significant savings in time and money, but it also means you must choose your colour wisely.

In this guide, we’re going to explore some of the reasons that black composite decking is one of the garden designers’ favourite choices. We’ll show you why black composite decking boards might just be the perfect option for your own garden.

Can You Get Black Composite Decking Boards?

At Ecoscape, we have some great colour options available, including black composite deck boards.

For example, our Clarity Collection offers Charcoal Black composite decking boards. This range is made from reclaimed wood fibres and recycled HDPE plastic.

The decking boards are dual-sided with a wide or narrow groove pattern on either side. They come with a 20-year warranty and have excellent slip-resistant properties.

The Forma range offers Midnight Black composite decking boards. Midnight Black is the darkest board available from Ecoscape and has the benefit of being capped with durable HDPE.

Our capped composite collection has a 25-year warranty and a 25-year colour warranty to protect against fading.

Is Black Composite Decking Expensive?

Ecoscape black composite deck boards vary in price between the Clarity and Forma collections.

Clarity Charcoal Black composite decking costs £41.55 per square metre. Our capped Forma Midnight Black composite deck boards cost £66.12.

Is Black Composite Decking Likely To Get Hot In The Sun?

Black composite boards can get hot in the sun, but this is true of all surfaces with a dark colour. You should consider where your composite decking boards will be installed within your outdoor space. If you’re able to place them in a shaded area, then heat retention shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Are Black Composite Decks Hard To Keep Clean?

Black or white flooring can be challenging to keep clean because dust or debris can be very noticeable. However, investing in low-maintenance composite decking makes cleaning easy.

Brushing regularly with a soft bristle brush or cleaning with warm soapy water is typically enough. To give it a deep clean, use a pressure washer. Testing cleaning products and pressure washers on off-cuts is a great way to ensure you won’t mark your decking.

Are Dark Coloured Composite Decks In Style?

Black decking is a great choice because it’s a timeless colour. It’s popular among interior designers because it can be used with most other colours.

Is Black Composite Decking Available In Both Capped And Uncapped?

We offer both capped and uncapped black composite deck boards. This is perfect for people looking for different styles and price ranges. Our uncapped Clarity range is ridged on both sides. The capped Forma collection offers a wide groove and woodgrain finish on the dual-sided boards.

Does Black Composite Decking Look Like Shou-Sugi-Ban?

Shou-Sugi-Ban is a traditional Japanese way of treating wood with fire and heat. It results in a dark, burned finish. Black composite boards are similar in style to this and are a great, low-maintenance alternative for your outdoor space.

Does Black Composite Decking Fade?

Ecoscape black composite decking is designed to be long-lasting. In particular, the Forma range provides incredible anti-fade protection and is UV stable.

Colour fading in any material due to direct sunlight is inevitable. Still, our decking boards won’t suffer significant fading over time, making them a smart choice for your garden.

Can I Match Black Composite Decking With Cladding?

Ecoscape black composite decking goes perfectly with our range of cladding solutions. You could pair your decking with the panel and slatted cladding boards that are available in Midnight Black.

This makes it easier to design a garden that flows seamlessly. Our cladding is a great way to protect exterior walls and improve your home’s insulation. It can also be a wonderful way to change the property’s aesthetic.

What Are The Advantages Of Black Composite Decking?

Our collection of black composite deck boards has a range of advantages over traditional alternatives. These include:

Highly durable

Our composite decking is very hardwearing and has great weatherproof qualities. It offers greater scratch and scuff resistance than traditional timber decking. It also has a long warranty.

Low maintenance

Unlike wood decking, a composite deck does not require painting or weather treatments. A wood deck is also at risk from wood-boring insects, whereas a composite deck isn’t.

This means you will save a lot of time and money on maintenance over the lifespan of the decking.

Versatile style

Black deck boards are a stylish way to improve your garden. They can go with a variety of other colours meaning you’re able to implement black decking in a variety of designs.

Easy installation

Ecoscape decking is easy to install. This is because of the specially designed accessories and substructure materials. We also provide a detailed installation guide to ensure you get the best performance from your deck.

Safe for families

Ecoscape composite decking is slip resistant and doesn’t splinter. This makes it ideal for families with young kids that want to run and play.


How should I decorate my garden if I have black composite decking?

Black composite decking suits all property types and goes with most colours. You will be able to contrast or blend furniture and plant pot choices, while bright colourful flowers will stand out against it.

What colour window frames go with black composite decking?

The most popular window frame colours include white, black, and grey. Black decking can be used to match darker window frame colours or to create a contrast with lighter colours. Over the last 5 years we are seeing more and more houses being specified with black window frames making black composite decking an ideal choice.

Is black composite decking best for contemporary properties?

Black decking is perfect for contemporary garden design. It is a sleek and stylish choice that can work as a focal point or can be blended into other design choices.

Does Ecoscape offer other black composite products?

Ecoscape has a range of high-quality composite products that are highly durable and long-lasting. As well as black composite decking, we offer black cladding boards to protect and improve the aesthetic of your exterior walls.

We also have an extensive range of composite fencing products that offer great privacy and security. Our black composite fencing is wind tested to withstand strong winds and is also acoustically tested. This makes it ideal for properties near busy roads, loud venues, and schools.

Final Thoughts

Our extensive black decking collection is a smart choice for your home. It’s perfect if you want a high-quality decking solution for a competitive price.

Our stylish composite decking requires very little maintenance. It is also available in capped and uncapped ranges.

Each decking board at Ecoscape is dual-sided. The Clarity range offers small groove patterns on one side and a large groove on the other.

The Forma collection has a groove pattern on one side and a wood grain finish on the other.

This makes it easy for garden designers to create unique decking projects that last a long time.

While black decking might seem like a bold choice, it’s very popular and can complement a great range of properties and gardens.

You can explore our full decking collection to read our deck board specifications and find the perfect choice for you.

Gary is the founder and CEO of Ecoscape UK. Gary graduated from Liverpool JM University in 2007 with a 2:1 in Economics. A passion for innovation, design and sustainability, Gary has put to market numerous wpc products/systems, some of which have UK and European registered designs. Outside of work Gary enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors and watching Manchester United.