Composite decking has a wide array of features which make it the obvious choice for your residential or commercial project. Find out more below about each feature and what makes it comparable, or often superior, to other decking options.

Stain Resistant

At Ecoscape, we understand that domestic and commercial composite decking is designed to be used and enjoyed. That’s why we’ve designed a stain and damage

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Fire Rated Material

Building Regulations dictate the degree of fire resistance that must be met by each element of your building’s structure; the British Standard 476 ‘dictates the

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Warranty Care

At Ecoscape we believe in quality and the “Buy Well, Buy Once” philosophy. This is why our composite decking, fencing and cladding boards are manufactured

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One Regend Street WPC Decking

Fade Resistant

At Ecoscape, we offer a range of Forma composite decking solutions with a 25-year UV warranty. Our Forma decking boards are UV stable, boasting the

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Easy to Install

At Ecoscape, all our composite decking products have been designed with installation in mind. They are extremely easy to install, and we’ve put together a

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Non-Slip Decking

It is possible to slip on most outdoor surfaces, especially in the winter months. However, choosing the right type of decking for your garden or

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Environmentally Friendly

Ecoscape & The Environment At Ecoscape, we are firm advocates for the protection of our environment and planet. Not only are our products made from

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Low Maintenance

All composite decking available at Ecoscape is designed to be low maintenance. Aside from a good clean when it needs it, your decking shouldn’t require

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