Stain Resistant

At Ecoscape, we understand that domestic and commercial composite decking is designed to be used and enjoyed. That’s why we’ve designed a stain and damage resistant kind of decking which will offer years of reliable service, even with daily use.

The Forma and Grande composite decking boards, made from a mix of reclaimed hardwood fibres and recycled plastic composite, at Ecoscape are stain-resistant. That includes any stains caused by spilt liquids, rainfall, or standing water.

Hardwearing and durable, our stain-resistant composite decking boards can be used for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. So, whether you’d like a weather-proof rooftop decking or an outdoor restaurant dining area, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Stain Resistant Composite Decking at Ecoscape

If you regularly host parties, barbecues, or even just enjoy a glass of red wine on your deck in the evening, you’ll know how common spillages are. That’s why all our Forma and Grande composite decking is stain-resistant, designed to offer many years of reliable service, and is available with a minimum 20-year warranty.

For more information on our stain-resistant composite decking, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team today for a free quote or sample pack.

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