Start / Finish Clips

As the name suggests, start/finish decking clips are used at the start/end of the joist decking substructure as part of the hidden fixing system and make it easy to install the first decking board. A recycled product, start/finish clips allow for quick composite decking installation with no unsightly screws. The clips also allow for the expansion and contraction of the decking board. See the Ecoscape start/finish clip product details below for further information.
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PriceFrom £33.92 + VAT
Product CodeECO09SF
MaterialsStainless Steel (Black)
Size29mm x 25mm x 11mm
Quantity50 Pieces per Pack
ApplicationUsed every 400mm along the first decking board. Needed where a picture frame/steps are being installed. Please see our decking installation guide for further information.
Coverage50 clips covers 19.6 linear meters of decking board.

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