Can Composite Fencing Be Laid On Concrete?

Composite fencing is a popular choice in the UK thanks to its durability, long lifespan, and low maintenance. Composite fencing is typically straightforward to install, but many might wonder if they can install composite fencing on concrete.

Installing new fencing is typically straightforward, and most people will be able to do it by following the supplier installation guidelines.

Alternatively, you will be able to hire a professional fence installer to ensure the installation is completed to a high standard.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about installing composite fencing on concrete.


How to Install Composite Fencing on Concrete

Installing Ecospcape Clarity composite fencing panels will be easy. The main issue with fence installation on concrete is how the fence posts are fixed in place securely.

This article will look at two ways composite fencing can be installed on concrete. Following the manufacturer installation guidelines is an essential part of ensuring your fencing will last and you don’t invalidate your warranty.

Make sure to refer to our full Ecoscape installation guide when carrying out an installation.

Surface Mounts

Installing Ecoscape composite fencing to concrete footing can be done using metal support posts.

You should first ensure the concrete is at least 150 mm thick to guarantee a secure structure.

The following steps will take you through the process of installing composite decking on concrete.

Properly measure out the area you intend to install the fence and use a spirit level to ensure the ground you are using is level.

Step 1

Position the metal support posts on the concrete so they are level and pre-drill 3 mm to 5 mm pilot holes.

When using the M10 x 80 mm anchor bolts that are supplied, pre-drill using a 13 mm to 14 mm masonry drill bit.

Use steel ships to ensure the insert is secure, tighten the bolts, and install the fence post over the steel insert.

Step 2

Pre-drill the composite post’s H section twice before inserting a self-tapper. This should be 300 mm and 150 mm from the bottom of the composite post.

Step 3

Begin inserting the fence boards at this point. Ecoscape Clarity composite fence panels have 3 x 38 mm battens on one side and 2 x 63 mm on the other. You will be able to choose a uniform finish or mix them up for a unique design.

After finishing each section, insert the secure clips and post caps.

Step 4

Continue this process for the remaining fence boards before tightening the fixing bolts and covering them with plastic cover caps.

Installing Fence Posts

The alternative to installing composite fencing on concrete is to install the fence posts in it. You will need the right tools to carry out the job, and core drills are available to rent.

You should carefully measure out the area between opposing fence posts and mark out the exact area to be drilled.

The following steps will help you install composite fencing in concrete.

Step 1

Drill down to around 600 mm to 850 mm. You should ensure the bottom of each hole is the same depth and level.

Step 2

Install the steel insert and use a spirit level to ensure it is level.

You should then fill the hole with post-mix concrete.

Step 3

The composite fence post can then be placed over the steel insert.

It should be checked to ensure it is also level before using supporting braces to hold it in place while the concrete sets.

Step 4

Install the security clips and bottom rail by sliding it into the fence post H groove and sliding it down between the two fence posts.

Step 5

Slide each composite fence slat into place. Be sure to leave a 2.5 mm expansion gap between the board and the post.

Step 6

After inserting the final fence board, you should insert the top fence panel and post caps.


How to Install Composite Fencing into Existing Concrete Posts

Installing Ecoscape composite fence panels into existing concrete fence posts is straightforward.

Standard concrete fence posts will typically have a gap of around 46.5 mm. The 45 mm width of Ecoscape composite boards will fit this, so you will be able to remove the existing boards and replace them with new ones.

If the boards are loose or the fence post width is uneven, packers can be used to secure them. You will then be able to install all the remaining boards and complete your fence.


Ecoscape Composite Fences

Not all composite fencing is the same, and finding high-quality boards will help to determine how long they last and how good they look.

Ecoscape Clarity composite fencing is a great option that provides an acoustic and wind-tested, durable material that is guaranteed for 20 years.

The 20-year warranty is dependent on the proper installation and care for the boards. Maintenance is minimal, and bi-annual cleaning is typically adequate.

Ecoscape composite fence boards measure 150 mm x 45 mm x 1830 mm and weigh 5.18 kg. The high-quality wood plastic composite costs £15.31 per board and is available in a variety of colours.

The finished product is made of 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed, FSC-certified wood. This makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for a more environmentally friendly option.

If you want to find out more about how to buy Ecoscape Clarity composite fencing, want to learn about the product specifications, or want to examine the installation guide, visit our composite fencing guide.



Can I drill directly into composite fencing?

No, you should never drill into composite fencing. This is because composite materials will go through thermal expansion and contraction and need to be able to move. A drilled hole will damage the structural integrity necessary for this movement and potentially cause the fencing boards to crack or warp.

This is also why thermal expansion gaps are an essential part of installing composite decking and fencing.

Will composite fencing fade?

Composite will fade, but more evenly not as much as other materials. Ultra-violet agents are included in the production of composite fencing. This makes them UV-stable and minimises fading.

Will composite installed on concrete be stable in the wind?

Yes, properly installed Ecoscape composite fencing is tested to ensure it can withstand strong winds.

Using the materials and instructions provided will ensure the composite fencing you install performs well.

Is composite fencing expensive?

Composite fencing can be relatively expensive in comparison to softwood alternatives but will last significantly longer.

Some hardwood fencing may be more expensive than composite, and both soft and hardwood will require a significant amount of maintenance.

Composite fencing will last a long time and should only need to be cleaned, making it a popular option that can save time and money in the long term.

How environmentally friendly is composite fencing?

Ecoscape Clarity composite fencing is made up of 55% reclaimed wood. The wood used is responsibly and ethically sourced.

The wood chips and sawdust used are saved from landfills and are a natural by-product of industries that use wood in their production process.

Ecoscape composite fencing also uses 45% recycled plastic. This minimises the production of new plastics, and thousands of tons of plastic are recycled by Ecoscape every year.

The high-quality composite fencing options available at Ecoscape are built to last. This will reduce the amount of fencing you will need to buy for your home.

The low-maintenance material won’t require treatments or paints as well.

All these benefits will minimise your carbon footprint in terms of production and transport of products and components needed in the fencing industry.


Final Thoughts

Installing composite fencing panels on concrete is straightforward as long as you have the tools to accomplish the job.

Being able to install fencing around your garden will add an additional level of security to your property. You will also benefit from the privacy afforded by a well-installed fence.

An Ecoscape composite fence will fare significantly better than a wooden fence in bad weather and can be a cost-effective investment.

If you have any doubts about installing composite fencing on concrete, you should consult one of our professional Ecoscape customer service members, as poorly installed materials may void the warranty and compromise the performance of the fence.

Following the Ecoscape installation guide will help you install your post supports and fencing to create an enjoyable outdoor space.

Composite products are the ideal choice for UK gardens, and when buying from Ecoscape you will be able to match your fencing with composite decking and cladding!

Gary is the founder and CEO of Ecoscape UK. Gary graduated from Liverpool JM University in 2007 with a 2:1 in Economics. A passion for innovation, design and sustainability, Gary has put to market numerous wpc products/systems, some of which have UK and European registered designs. Outside of work Gary enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors and watching Manchester United.