Contemporary Fencing

Designing a garden allows property owners to create the perfect space for their needs. A contemporary design can take inspiration from classic styles while giving them a modern twist.

Contemporary fencing is the ideal way to frame a contemporary garden design. This article will explore contemporary fencing choices, their benefits, and other contemporary style choices that can be implemented in modern gardens.


What is Contemporary Fencing?

Contemporary fence panels can be constructed to create boundary fences for gardens. The contemporary style is perfect for modern properties and is a great way to improve the security, privacy, and appearance of the garden area and property.

Contemporary fence panels can often have other benefits in comparison to traditional fencing, including soundproofing qualities, low maintenance, and a broader range of styles and colours.


Why Choose Contemporary Fencing over Traditional Fencing?

The fencing you choose for your property will be down to personal preference and the style you are hoping to achieve for your garden.

Modern properties often find that contemporary fencing choices complement the property as well as the garden area.

Modern properties often install more modern garden installations as well, making contemporary slatted fence panels a popular choice.


Contemporary Fencing Materials

Choosing your fencing materials will determine the style, durability, and longevity. Investing in high-quality fencing materials will be more expensive. However, higher-performing materials will last longer, making it a cost-effective decision over the long term.


Timber fence boards and panels can be styled in traditional and contemporary ways.

Pressure-treated softwood such as cedar fencing panels is an excellent option as it is more resilient and can resist inclement UK weather conditions and pests.

Alternatively, hardwood contemporary fence panels can offer rich colours and are more hard-wearing.

Hardwood typically costs more than softwood fencing but can offer significant benefits that make it a great investment.


Wood plastic composite fencing is perfect for use in the UK. Ecoscape composite slatted fence panels are made from reclaimed wood fibres, recycled plastic, a bonding agent, and colouring.

The environmental benefits of contemporary fencing make it a great choice for modern use.

Reclaimed FSC-certified wood fibres ensure the wood used in Ecoscape products is responsibly and ethically sourced. It also helps to minimise waste, with much of the wood used being saved from landfills.

Another way that Ecoscape helps to minimise waste is by recycling thousands of tons of plastic every year. This also helps to minimise the production of new plastic and the use of harmful chemicals.

Composite fencing has many benefits, including being long-lasting and durable.

Unlike timber alternatives, composite will not rot, warp, or splinter in different weather conditions and will not be affected by pests.

The low-maintenance fencing material is available in a range of colours and styles to make it easier for garden designers to create the perfect outdoor space.

Ecoscape also offers an extensive range of gates to provide access to gardens. Gates are available in a range of colours to suit all tastes and preferences.


How to Use Contemporary Fencing in a Modern Garden

Horizontal slatted fencing is an excellent choice for contemporary projects. There are a number of ways to use your garden fencing as a way to accentuate the area.


If you have selected pressure-treated wooden contemporary fence panels, you will be able to choose between paint or stain to achieve your desired colour.

Alternatively, composite won’t require the same maintenance and can be selected in a range of colours. Ecoscape composite fence panels are available in Silver Birch, Spiced Oak, Walnut, Charcoal, and Graphite.


The finish your fence has will dictate its overall appearance. Ecoscape composite fence panels are dual-sided with a 38 mm narrow batten pattern on one side and a wide 66 mm batten pattern on the reverse.

When sliding the fence panels in place, you will have the choice of keeping the same size battens on one side for a uniform look or mixing them up for a more unique design.

Match with Other Contemporary Fixtures

Another benefit of installing contemporary fence panels is that you will be able to select colours or finishes to coincide with other garden fixtures.

Ecoscape offers an extensive range of contemporary composite products that are available in similar styles and colours.


Decking areas are an excellent way to make the most of your garden. You will be able to create a versatile outdoor living area for entertaining, relaxing, and for the family to enjoy.

Composite decking can be a welcome addition to a property and create a modern outside space that can be enjoyed all year round. You will be able to match the colour of your decking and fencing panels to create a cohesive look for your garden.


Cladding is typically used to protect exterior wall materials. It can also be used as a design feature to break up the shape or colour of a building.

Tying the colour of your cladding to the fencing is another great way of ensuring the outside space does appear to be disconnected from the property itself.


Additional Contemporary Garden Fixtures

As well as contemporary fencing, modern gardens can also boast a number of features that can set them apart from more traditional outside spaces.

They can offer a great way to make an outdoor space more interesting and inviting.


External lighting can be a wonderful way of creating an ambience in the evening. There is a wide variety of lighting options to choose from, including solar, LED, wall mounted, deck mounted, and free-standing.

Having light outside can also provide additional security for properties, as will installing a secure fence.

Swimming Pool

Not as common in the UK as in warmer climates, swimming pools can still be a great addition to properties. A high-quality fence will help to provide privacy for swimming and relaxing around the pool.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are proving to be extremely popular in the UK as they can be enjoyed all year round. They can be installed on a deck or sunk into the decking boards.

Fencing will provide privacy, shade, and shelter for hot tubs installed in contemporary gardens.


Garden furniture will also be a consideration for modern gardens. There is an excellent choice of garden furniture to suit all styles. The garden furniture selected will help to dictate the use of a decking area or patio.

Outdoor dining furniture, relaxing chairs and suites, and hammocks can all make great choices for modern gardens.

Being able to enjoy an outside space should be a priority when designing a garden, and your furniture should help you achieve this.

Outdoor Kitchen

Barbecues, pizza ovens, and state-of-the-art grills are all popular with people that not only enjoy eating outside but also enjoy cooking in the open air.

Fencing helps to create a private dining area and minimises smells or smoke from bothering neighbours when cooking outside.


Ecoscape Contemporary Fencing

You won’t have to search for a way to transform your garden, as Ecoscape provides an excellent way to create modern gardens.

With an extensive range of fencing, decking, cladding, and balustrade rails, you can find everything you need in one place.

Long warranties, a range of sizes, and beautiful colours are all available for a range of products.

You will find each product comes with a detailed installation guide to ensure you fit the fencing and other composite products to the manufacturer’s specifications.

For more details on the fencing available at Ecoscape and how it can help you create a contemporary look for your home, visit the composite fencing page today.



How much does contemporary fencing cost?

The typical costs of fencing will vary depending on the materials being used and the supplier. Ecoscape prices for fencing start at £15.31 per board.

The size of a fencing project and the chosen height will dictate how many boards and fenceposts are required.

How long does composite fencing last?

Ecoscape composite fencing comes with a 20-year warranty. The warranty will be dependent on installation and care.

Well-cared-for composite fencing can potentially last as long as 30 to 50 years in some cases.

Is vertical or horizontal fencing better?

Horizontal fencing offers a more modern look and is easy to install after the fence posts have been installed.

Horizontal fencing is less expensive, but each individual board will have to be secured in place.

Are contemporary fence panels soundproof?

Composite contemporary fence panels are acoustically tested and can provide properties with an excellent method to minimise external sounds.

Noise pollution from nearby roads, parks, busy streets, or venues can be frustrating for homeowners. Modern acoustic fencing provides an excellent way to reduce external noise by as much as 28 dB.

What is the best way to protect garden fencing?

Ensuring your garden fence lasts for a long time, it is essential that it is well cared for.

Regularly cleaning composite fencing is advised, and this can be done twice a year using warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush.

Securing garden furniture in sheds or garden buildings minimises the risk of them being blown against fencing in bad weather conditions.

Trimming back trees, bushes, hedges, and plants is also advised so they do not scrape against the fencing. Trimming precarious or overhanging branches will also minimise the risk of them falling on your fencing in windy weather.


Final Thoughts

If you are designing a contemporary garden, choosing modern fencing panels can be a great way to ensure your garden looks great.

As well as looking good, high-quality modern fencing will help to provide shelter, privacy, and security.

Enclosed gardens without easy access will dissuade opportunistic criminals. It will also minimise what passers-by can see in your garden or property, which further reduces the risk of theft.

A well-built fence will help to contain children and pets, which can be great news for homeowners with young children or rowdy dogs.

Fences are also a great way to enjoy privacy from neighbouring properties.

Investing in high-quality modern fencing can often mean you can reduce external noise pollution and enjoy a long-lasting, durable fence.

Composite does not suffer from the same issues from weather that traditional timber fencing does. Ecoscape tests the composite fencing range against the wind to ensure it can withstand storm force levels.

Gary is the founder and CEO of Ecoscape UK. Gary graduated from Liverpool JM University in 2007 with a 2:1 in Economics. A passion for innovation, design and sustainability, Gary has put to market numerous wpc products/systems, some of which have UK and European registered designs. Outside of work Gary enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors and watching Manchester United.