Composite Fencing Ideas and Inspiration

When installing a composite fence in your garden you may be looking for ways to add a dash of personality and character into the design. This is a great way to bring some charm to your outdoor area but it can be tricky to think of new ideas to inspire you.

Composite fencing is very versatile and there are many different ways to incorporate it into your garden that can give it a fresh burst of vitality and life.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best and most unique ways for you to use composite fencing in your garden. This should give you the inspiration you need to create something magical.


16 Design Ideas For Your Composite Fencing

1) Play With Orientation

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when building your new fence. Just because fence panels are intended to be used in a certain orientation it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that.

You can create your own look that will better suit your outdoor space by trying quirky ideas. For example, try turning vertical panels on their sides and joining them together to form a unique set-up.

This may better accentuate your space and help to add extra character to your garden. You can also use this design in a practical way and hang gardening tools and potted plants from the horizontal slats.


2) Don’t Be Afraid Of Dark Colours

When you picture your dream fence, black or dark grey may not be the first colours that you think of. A lot of people are wary of dark colours as they think they may be too bold.

However, composite fencing is available in many darker shades that can add a contemporary feel to any garden. Our composite fence boards come in darker shades such as charcoal and graphite.

Choosing black composite fencing is a good way to make a real statement in your outdoor space. If you place planters in front of the fence full of vibrant greenery the dark backdrop will make the colours pop and create a bold, contemporary look.

You can also try hanging strings of fairy lights along the top of your fence which will create a cosy atmosphere at night.


3) Grow Some Ivy

You may not want to hide your new composite fencing by encouraging ivy to grow along it. However, ivy and other creepers are a great way to create a luscious, green environment in your garden that will be a pleasure to spend time in.

Ivy and other climbing plants don’t need much encouragement to grow and once you start them off you’ll quickly have lots of added greenery along your fence.

The only downside is that climbing plants require quite a bit of maintenance to prevent them from getting out of control and completely taking over your composite fence.

If you’re worried about this then you could try installing some faux greenery panels instead which require no maintenance at all.


4) Try Fence Echoing In Your Garden

A great way to create a harmonious feeling in your garden is to echo the fencing you’ve chosen to install in other places around your outdoor area. You could try creating a bench using the same colour of composite fencing panels that you’ve used for your fence.

As composite fencing is so low-maintenance it’s ideal for building garden furniture as well as fences. If you’re feeling extra creative you could create a long, curved bench using small slats of composite fencing that will complement your fence.

Any colour you choose can work well with your concrete patio, decking, stone courtyard, or turf garden. This should give a fresh, modern look to your outdoor area.


5) Incorporate A Potting Bench

Try breaking up your composite fence by installing a potting bench at the end of your garden. This will create a nice focal point for your otherwise solid fence and give you a workspace that you can enjoy all summer.

You could build your own potting bench using offcuts from your composite fencing boards so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the fence. Or, you could paint it a different colour to create some contrast.

A potting shelf will also give you extra storage space and can be used to display plants and garden ornaments.


6) Try Painting A Feature Wall

An easy way of adding character and charm to your garden is to paint a section of your composite fence with several colours to create a feature wall. This is a nice way to break up the solid colour of the rest of your fence and add an element of intrigue.

As composite fencing boards are made using recycled materials, reclaimed wood and recycled plastics, they are low-maintenance and don’t need to be painted. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add paint when coming up with creative design ideas.

Your feature wall could just be one colour that contrasts with the colour of the rest of your fence. Or, you could try painting it with several different colours from the same colour family. This will make a multi-toned palette that will really catch the eye.


7) Create A Two-Tone Panel

If you don’t fancy the idea of painting your composite fencing then try creating a two-tone effect instead. You can do this by installing two different tones of composite fencing boards.

You could install a dark colour at the bottom to accentuate floral arrangements and make your brightly coloured furniture pop, and install a light colour at the top to bring in some contrast.

For example, you could install several of our spiced oak composite boards at the top of your fence and some of our graphite composite boards at the bottom.

This is an easy way to create an interesting colour design without the need for any painting or staining.


8) Use Vintage Storage Spaces

Add a countryside feel to your garden and give yourself some extra storage space by repurposing old crates and wooden fruit boxes. You can use these as open storage shelves for accessories like wellies, flowerpots and gardening tools.

You can choose to keep the weathered, rustic look of the vintage storage spaces or you could add a lick of paint to either match your fences or contrast with them.

If you have the time, explore car boot sales and charity shops to see what retro items you discover. This is a good way to upscale old items that would’ve otherwise been thrown away.


9) Create An Expansive Feel With Spacing

If you’re not too concerned about privacy then try using slatted fence panels instead of solid fence panels. The gaps between the slats will let in lots of light and make your garden feel like less of an enclosed space.

This will also extend the view of your garden and make it feel more spacious and expansive. Rather than having a solid boundary around your outdoor area using slatted fencing will help to soften the boundaries and nicely frame your garden.

You could also add one of our composite gates to your slatted fence to further accentuate the feeling of your outdoor area expanding outwards and taking in the surrounding landscape.


10) Install A Colourful Trellis

Add a vibrant dash of colour to your composite fence by installing a trellis painted in a bold colour. If your fence is a darker colour such as brown or grey you could install a neon pink trellis or a bright orange one to really make a statement.

For light-coloured fences, you could use a trellis in a darker tone such as deep blue or khaki green. You could even build your own trellis out of off-cuts from your composite fencing boards if you want it to blend in with the rest of your fence.

Trellises are cheap and easy to install, and they can also add an element of practicality to your fence. If you don’t want to have climbing plants that grow directly on your fencing boards then you could have a plant like ivy that grows up the trellis instead.


11) Re-Use Old Shutters

If you have any old, wooden shutters or can pick some up, then you can use them to create a unique and interesting composite fence design.

To do this, place the shutters intermittently between your composite fencing panels to make a charmingly mismatched line of fencing. This will add lots of vintage character to your fence and is a good way of repurposing any old shutters.

If you have a black or dark grey fence then painting the shutters white will create some stunning contrast. Similarly, if your fence is a light colour then you can paint the shutters black or grey.

Over time, the shutters will start to fade which will add a rustic charm when placed beside your composite fencing, which won’t have faded.

You can also try hanging potted plants or even buckets with plants from the shutters to add even more character.


12) Make Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Being creative with your composite fence doesn’t just mean using plants and different colours. You can really push the boat out and build your own outdoor spaces that give you some of the comforts you’d have inside your home.

To create an outdoor kitchen you can add a pergola above your slatted fence for protection and then attach a solid, composite countertop to the fence itself. Adding some legs to it will give it support and will also create some storage space for pans.

Add some baskets, pots, and fuel canisters for an outdoor cooker, and experiment with different types of lighting to give your kitchen a warming glow.

This is a cheap and easy way to create something quite special in your outdoor area.


13) Add A Fence Extension For Privacy

If you have a beautiful, old wall in your garden that’s quite low but you don’t want to cover it up, then you can add a fence extension instead.

You can install some composite slatted fencing boards on top of the wall to make it higher and to give you some more privacy. This can be done by installing composite fence posts in front of the wall and then attaching the fencing boards to them.

Or, if you have existing concrete posts that run along the wall you can simply slot the boards in between them. This is much cheaper and less time-consuming than extending the brick wall itself and can add a contemporary touch to your outdoor area.

Choose a colour of fencing that complements the colour of the bricks such as the spiced oak or walnut colours from our composite board ranges.


14) Use A Low Horizontal Design

If you have a concrete border then you can mount your new fence on top of it to create a modern and elegant feel. This will give the appearance of an outdoor ‘room’ with a wall and skirting board.

The horizontal slats will give the impression of everything flowing together in the same direction and a mid-toned colour is ideal for this design.

Our composite fencing boards come in small modules that are easy to install. You simply stack them on top of each other to create your desired height. They would be ideal for this design as they give you complete control over the height of your fence.

They also flow horizontally so they would be the perfect choice for this contemporary fencing design.


15) Decorate With Colourful Tealight Holders

If you’re looking for a way to add some colour, fun, and quirkiness to your composite fence then you could try decorating it with some colourful tealight holders. These can really add a splash of charm, especially to fences that are darker colours.

If you don’t want to attach screws or nails to your fencing boards then you can add trellises instead. This allows you to hang the colourful tealight holders from the trellis by hooks without having to put any holes into your fence.

The bright colours will be a charming visual attraction by day and when the tealights are lit they will add an enchanting twinkle to your garden at night.


16) Open Up The Boundaries

If you don’t plan on adding a gate to your fence but you still want to open up the boundaries to create a sense of space, then try adding rustic materials like willow instead.

You can break up your fencing boards by installing a panel of willow twig fencing. This will help to soften up your borders if the solid lines of fencing are feeling too restricting or imposing.

This will serve a similar purpose to a gate by giving you a view of the exterior of your garden and should make your outdoor area feel more expansive.

You could even try installing the willow panel on hinges so that it can be used as a gate or doorway.



How long does composite fencing last?

On average, composite fencing lasts for between 25 to 30 years. This is due to its water-resistant properties which make it resistant to rot and give it amazing longevity.

Our composite fencing boards all come with a 20-year warranty to give you peace of mind that they will be with you for a very long time.

How do I clean my composite fencing?

There are two ways of cleaning your composite fencing boards which are both very quick and easy to perform. One way is to clean the boards using warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush to gently scrub away any dirt.

For a deeper clean, you can use a power washer to blast any dirt and debris away from the surface of the boards.

Do I need to stain or seal my composite fencing boards?

There is no need to stain or seal composite fencing as it’s naturally resistant to rot, mould, moisture, UV rays, and scratching. If you choose to seal your composite fencing then it’s best to do so using lumber wax.

Is composite fencing eco-friendly?

Composite is considered to be the most eco-friendly fencing material on the market. Our composite boards are made with 95% recycled materials and FSC-certified wood. This means that no trees are felled to make it and less plastic ends up in landfills.


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