Black Composite Decking

Black is one of the most timeless colours of all, so if you’re thinking of building a new composite deck, then you should definitely consider going for a dark colour this time. Composite decking tends to last a very long time, so choosing black composite deck boards can keep your home looking neat and stylish for many years to come. Black composite decking is also far more resistant to colour fading, so it’ll keep looking sleek and modern for years to come.

Black Decking Inspiration

Your Questions Answered About Black Composite Decking

Black composite deck boards provide you with a blank canvas that can allow you to experiment, as black can be paired with almost any colour.


Brightly coloured plants

Black composite decking will really work in your favour if you want to draw attention to the other fixtures in your outdoor space, such as your garden.

Your composite decking boards will act as a perfect canvas, while any brightly coloured shrubs and flowers will act as the main attraction.

Some of the best shrubs to choose from include: smokebush, forsythia, weigela, and rhododendron, while some of the best colourful flowers include hyacinth, tulips, and cyclamen. A buxus box hedge or topiary can look good in both formal, traditional or contemporary gardens.



If you don't want to worry about the hassle of a large garden that needs a lot of maintenance and care, then you can also pave the area around your decking.

Lighter paving stones will compliment your black composite decking nicely, as you will have a complementary contrast between the two.

If you don't want this area to look completely barren, then you should also consider creating some small beds by your fence line and the area nearest to your deck.

If you want your outdoor space to stay as low maintenance as possible, you can do this by creating rockeries with a few small trees or shrubs sprouting up from them. You can choose almost any colour, but neutral stones will compliment both your light paving and your black composite decking. Mixing natural colours and textures creates a successful depth of design. Black composite decking sits well against slate paving and tropical planting.


Grass lawn

If you aren't interested in landscaping and have a traditional grass lawn at your home, then composite decking can still complement this as well.

The green hue of your grass lawn will provide some nice contrast to your charcoal black composite decking boards. A typical grass lawn will also draw more attention to your decking instead, so if you want the main fixture of your outdoor space to be your deck, then a plain grass lawn is best.

At Ecoscape, we have a choice of black composite deck boards across our decking board ranges, suitable dependent upon what the customer requires or the space is being used for.


Clarity composite decking range

The Clarity range would be classed as our entry-level product, but it is far from low-quality. These boards are reversible and have a wide groove finish on one side and a narrow groove on the other. This product excels in its slip resistance results in both wet and dry conditions so is definitely a family friendly option where safety is concerned.

Our clarity range features charcoal composite decking boards that have a lovely matte black finish.


Forma composite decking range

If you are instead interested in a more premium option, then you could consider our Forma decking range. With one side featuring a wide groove and the second a wood grain this decking board offers a more natural look to the Clarity decking board.

These specialised decking boards feature an extra durable layer of HDPE, which encapsulated the whole board and protects them from marking from heavy furniture or heavy impact but is also extremely scratch resistant so high traffic isn’t an issue. This additional layer also affords UV stability to the boards for the warranted period.

The Forma range features midnight black composite deck boards that also have a matte black finish and can be compared to charred timber in appearance.

The versatility of the colour black will once again work in your favour with regard to the colour of your window frames.

Both black and white aluminium and uPVC window frames won't look out of place if you have a black composite deck.

If you want to provide some contrast, then white window frames would be best, as they will stand out against your dark composite decking boards. On the other hand, if you'd prefer a sense of uniformity, then RAL 9005 black window pairings are a simple yet stylish combination.

Most neutral-coloured window frames should work well with black composite decking, we encourage the use of our free composite decking samples to be able to make comparisons and figure out which colour best suits your home.

Traditional timber decking is synonymous with older-style houses, so if you're looking for a smart, modern look, then black composite deck boards are a easy way to upgrade and modernise any space easily.

Black composite decking is very fashionable at the moment; however, as mentioned black will always be timeless and harks back to design periods of 1800s Art Deco and in a great revival today.

This means that you can be certain that your newly renovated black decking garden space will not quickly become outdated like other design trends. It is a safe and stylish option especially considering the lifespan of the product being twenty years plus replacing because of style or lack of longevity wont be an issue. You'll be able to enjoy your timeless deck for many years.

Black composite decking can be be paired beautifully with light-coloured outdoor furniture. If you want to provide a nice contrast between your deck and outdoor furniture, then you should opt for some light oak or beach wood furniture with cream cushions is ideal.

This contrast will highlight black boards and create an inviting outdoor space for you to entertain guests and family.

In contrast, a darker furniture set may be a more favoured option for a minimalist design perspective and there can be some beautiful pairings of charred timber, aluminium and even rattan furniture that pair with black composite decking boards nicely.

All composite products will display a slight change in colour in its initial few weeks after it has been installed, but once acclimatised all Ecoscape products are consistent in colour of the warranted period.

Black composite decking also tends to fade less than other colours over time as there is greater volumes of dye in the makeup ensuring the colour is consistent throughout. Ecoscape Forma and Grande composite decking range is UV stable and will not fade, we guarantee this for 25 years. If you choose a capped decking product with us, you will be sure your deck remains the dark colour you chose for years to come.