Composite Decking by Ecoscape

Composite decking is a special, eco-friendly alternative to wooden decking that is made from reclaimed wood fibres and plastic composites. Composite decking from Ecoscape comes in a range of colours and does not have the associated problems that natural wood decking does, such as; cracking, warping, slipping and expensive maintenance requirements. The characteristics of composite decking compared to lumber allow Ecoscape to offer a minimum of a 20 year warranty on all decking boards.

Forma Composite Decking Boards

Grande Composite Decking Boards

Linea Composite Decking Boards

Clarity Decking Boards

Forma Composite Decking Range

The Forma range of composite decking uses advanced co-extrusion technology which generates an externally durable outer layer. This means that the board has a dual surface finish with a wood grain on one side and wide groove pattern on the reverse.  This unique process creates composite decking boards that beautifully mimic the non-uniformity of natural timber.

Grande Composite Decking Range

Similar to our Forma range, Our Grande decking boards are made up of 95% recycled material  and uses advanced co-extrusion technology which generates an externally durable outer layer. As the name suggests, the Grande board is 50% wider than a standard decking board at 225mm – for an elegant and contemporary look – which has the added benefit of being quicker to fit.

Linea Composite Decking Range

The Linea range of composite decking is our latest decking range to utilise advanced co-extrusion technology which provides a durable outer layer. It has naturalistic colour streaking and is more stain and UV resistant than first generation composite. Linea features a unique dual-sided design. One side offers a traditional groove, creating a distinctive staggered pattern. Whilst the other side showcases an authentic straight grain, lending a more contemporary and streamlined appeal. 

Clarity Composite Decking Range

Clarity is a beautiful, low maintenance range of composite decking. The purposefully designed texture of the boards means it has exceptional anti-slip qualities, making it an ideal surface for both commercial and outdoor applications. The Clarity range of composite decking is available in 5 colours and has a reversible finish.

Finishing Boards & Trims

Ecoscape finishing boards and trims add an exceptional look to your deck and aid to the ease of installation on steps and other exposed edges. 

Decking Calculator

Please feel free to use our composite decking calculator below. Simply select your deck shape, dimensions, material, support and laying pattern. Our intuitive tool will be able to accurately estimate the total number of boards, clips, screws and supporting accessories, along with an estimated price that you can download.   

Unrivalled Quality for Composite Decking

We are confident in our opinion that Ecoscape boards are among the best in the industry. Beautifully engineered, easy to assemble and with a wide range of unique features, our deck boards also come with a minimum commitment of a 20-year residential warranty. If you want to see and feel the quality for yourself – we urge you to request a free composite deck boards sample pack.

Composite Decking Inspiration

We always suggest that you order a free sample pack or speak to our sales team about your project before placing an order for composite decking. Whilst this is always beneficial, often it can also be an added help to see examples of our decking in everyday use. 

Feel free to browse our composite decking boards inspiration gallery to help you get a clearer picture of what you’re aiming for. Whether its composite decking, composite cladding, balustrades or composite fencing, Ecoscape have you covered.

Ecoscape Customer Reviews

Easy To Install

Classic Decking

You can choose between either an aluminium or solid plastic sub-frame for your composite deck. This frame is then laid on either the provided adjustable pedestals, solid plastic posts or concrete blockworks. Starter-Clips are then  attached to the perimeter of the frame, with T-Clips then screwed into the rest of the frame, which then allows your decking boards to simply clip on in an easy and secure manner, with all fixings hidden from sight. 

Decking Joists & Subframe

Composite Decking Accessories

Decking joists form the supporting structure that sits underneath your decking. They ensure that the deck sits flat, prevent warping and bending and give it load-bearing strength. Our solid plastic joists and aluminium joists are just what you need if you’re building a deck that you want to last for years to come. 

Decking Pedestals & Cradles

Composite Decking Accessories

Our adjustable pedestals offer customers a solid fixture that will work in any conditions for both your inside and outside space. The height can be altered to suit from 22mm up to 550mm. Like other plastic decking support products, the fixed pedestal will not rot, split or warp.

Decking Starter & T Clips

Composite Decking Accessories

Decking clips fasten composite boards to the joists and subframes that sit underneath them. Fastened correctly and securely, they provide a secure connection between the different parts that make up your deck. At Ecoscape, we stock Hidden T-Clips, Locking Clips, and Start/Finish Clips that fit our decking boards perfectly.

Ecoscape Applications

Unlike wood decking options which require you to maintain, stain and seal it regularly; composite decking is manufactured with materials (recycled wood and plastic) which make it resistant to stains, splitting and warping. This means composite decking is the perfect choice for both commercial and residential applications.

Composite Decking Colours

Whether you are going for a modern, minimalist look or something more traditional – Ecoscape has the perfect composite decking board colour for you:

Composite Decking FAQ

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old deck or just building a new one from scratch, then you have likely heard about composite decking and a few other materials that you will be able to choose from when it comes to what your deck will be made out of.

Composite decking can be quite easy to install if you plan your layout properly and already have a solid timber frame as a base. If you aren’t too clued up about DIY, then you might want to get a professional to come and install it for you. For a full guide on how to install composite decking from Ecoscape, please see our Composite Decking Installation Guide

The cost of composite decking boards will depend on whether you choose to go for capped or uncapped boards, but you can generally expect to pay between £40 and £100 per square metre. We offer free samples and have a composite decking calculator so you can find out how much decking you will need for your project.

Wood Plastic Composite decking is a building material that is a mix of reclaimed-wood fibres, recycled HDPE plastic, colourants, and some bonding agents. This mixture was developed in order to create a material that could handle the elements better than traditional timber decking while also lasting longer. For more information about the composition of our composite decking, please read our full blog: What Is Wood Plastic Composite WPC Decking Made Of?

One of the biggest benefits of composite decking boards is that they require very little maintenance. They don't need to be painted, stained, sealed, or treated. This will save you a significant amount of time and money over the course of their service life.

All decking material as well as other paving materials will naturally get hot when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Composite decking is no exception, and during high temperatures, it will be hot to the touch (32+ degrees or more). If you choose lighter colours, heat retention will be slightly reduced, but it will still be hot underfoot.