King Dual Adjustment Pedestal K8 329-380mm

From £7.50


Pedestal PriceFrom £7.50 + VAT
Pedestal ColourGrey/Black
Pedestal CompositionK4 + P1 + P1
Pedestal Product CodeECO8380KP
Pedestal MaterialPolypropylene 100% Recycled/Recyclable
Pedestal Size329-380mm
Pedestal Base Diameter205mm
Pedestal Head Diameter130mm
Pedestal Head TypePaving
Pedestal Tabs4mm Width – Height 12mm
Pedestal Box WeightSee Data Sheet.
Pedestal Compression Test21200 N – 2162kg
Pedestal ApplicationHard Standing (old patio/concrete slab etc), Roof Terrace – Waterproof membrane, any Rigid Insulation Panel.
Pedestal Warranty15 years
Pedestal Design Life50 Years
Pedestal Key FeaturesEuropean Patent Base Tilt Design Technology (Head and Base), UV Resistant, extensions available to reach heights of 1500mm+, Can be adjusted even when floor is complete (special Key).

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