Brown Composite Decking

If you are a fan of traditional timber decking but don’t want to deal with all of the maintenance that comes with it, then why not consider using composite decking boards for your outdoor living space instead? Brown decking can easily be mistaken for wood, and at Ecoscape, we offer a few different shades of brown composite decking, so you’ll easily be able to replicate the colour of your favourite type of wood. This will not only improve the look of your outdoor space but also make it much lower maintenance than it currently is.

Brown Decking Inspiration

Your Questions Answered About Brown Composite Decking

Brown decking is often considered to be the best when it comes to composite decking, as it mimics real wood far better.

Here at Ecoscape, we have a few different brown composite decking options to choose from in each of our ranges, so you should be able to find a shade of brown that you like without too much trouble.


Clarity composite decking range

The Clarity range is the entry-level range of Ecoscape composite decking, but these decking boards are far from low-quality. They are reversible, with one side featuring a wide grooved finish and the other a narrow grooved finish.

If it's brown composite decking that you're after, then you'll be able to choose between the walnut and autumn colours. If you'd prefer a lighter, more natural wooden look, then autumn will be right for you and your home.

However, if you like the idea of chocolate composite decking, then our walnut decking should be right for your home.


Forma composite decking range

Our Forma composite decking range is our more premium option, as the deck boards come with an extra layer of HDPE (polymer resin), which means they have an extra layer of protection.

These deck boards are also reversible, and you can choose between a wide groove pattern or a wood grain effect.

Apart from more modern colours such as anthracite grey, you'll also have two different brown decking choices in Spiced Oak and Havana. Spiced Oak is light brown and looks very similar to natural wood, while Havana is darker and looks more like stained wood. The Spiced Oak composite decking board imitates Western Red Cedar, providing a brown composite decking board that has multiple tones, each board is different due to the random colour streaking.

After installing some brown composite decking and upgrading your outdoor living space, you'll likely also want to make sure that the look of the rest of your outdoor space fits with the theme and aesthetic that your new composite decking will bring to the table.


Rock beds

Composite decking requires virtually no maintenance other than occasional cleaning, which is why many people choose this decking material over wood.

Having other features in your garden that require a lot of maintenance then seems rather counterproductive, which is why you should consider creating some rock beds in your garden.

Creating rock beds instead of flower beds can save you from spending a lot of time in the garden if you aren't a fan of getting your hands dirty. This is owing to the fact that weeds are often unable to grow in rock beds.

This means you won't need to spend any weekend mornings on your hands and knees plucking weeds out of your garden. The best colours of landscaping stones to choose if you have chocolate composite decking boards would likely be lighter, like grey and white.

This will provide your deck with a nice contrast from your beds and will also give your lawn a clean look with clear lines.


Brightly coloured flowers and shrubs

If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and enjoy getting down and dirty in your garden, then the fact that your composite decking is so low maintenance will give you more time to spend managing and maintaining the other aspects of your garden.

If you opt for dark brown composite decking, then brightly coloured shrubs and flowers will pair with it well. The bright colours will contrast against your dark decking and draw more attention to the beautiful flora that you have on offer.

Some great grasses to choose from include: Carrex, Lavender, Cordyline, Festuca glauca. Some great flowers to choose for this purpose are Rose, Tulip, Iris and Snapdragon.

If you're going for a brown composite deck, then you'll want to make sure that certain features of your home will not clash with it.

One of the most important features of your home to match with your composite decking boards is your window frames. The colour of your window frames can have a dramatic effect on the aesthetic of your home, considering that there will likely be one on almost every exterior wall of your residence.

White window frames are a common choice all over the world and will provide a nice backdrop for darker composite decking boards. White aluminium or white uPVC window frames will be a great choice for this colour.

The style and aesthetic of your home as a whole will also play a significant role in helping you decide which colour of composite decking you should go for.

Brown composite decking boards often mimic the colour of wood, which makes them look like a more natural type of material.

Wood is often found in older-style houses, so if your home has a more classic look, then you should consider using brown composite decking to complete the look. Farmhouses built of natural sandstone would sit well against a brown composite deck.

It is also important to match your outdoor furniture with your composite deck, as it can sometimes be the main fixture of your deck.

If you choose a brown composite decking design, then you should consider choosing lighter outdoor furniture. Thankfully, your actual furniture does not need to be any specific colour, as you can mix and match colours with cushions.

Plain wooden decking furniture can look great with white, yellow, or even red cushions.