Grey Composite Decking

Grey composite decking has been popular ever since composite decking has been around, and there is little wonder why, as grey composite decking is extremely versatile and gives a contemporary look to long-lasting composite decking boards. Grey composite decking allows you to be adventurous with the colour palette of the rest of your outdoor space due to how understated and neutral it is. This is not to say that grey composite boards are boring, though, as they can still provide your home with a smart, modern look that you won’t get with other colours.

Grey Decking Inspiration

Your Questions Answered About Grey Composite Decking

Here at Ecoscape, we offer a variety of different grey composite decking boards, ranging from light grey to darker grey.

Regardless of the colour you choose, you can also rest easy knowing that your composite decking boards have been made sustainably with recycled plastic and recycled wood.


Clarity composite decking range

While our Clarity range is our entry-level spec of composite decking boards, they are far from low-quality. Each composite decking board comes with a reversible finish with wide grooves on one side and narrow grooves on the other.

The grey options in our Clarity range are called graphite and ash, with graphite being the darker of the two.


Forma composite decking range

Our Forma range is our premium spec of composite decking, which is why these decking boards have an extra layer of HDPE, which provides them with an extra layer of protection.

They also feature a reversible finish with a wood grain finish on one side and a wide groove finish on the other. The grey options in our Forma range are called argent, flint, and silver birch.

Argent is very dark grey, flint is a medium-grey colour, and silver birch is light grey.


Grande composite decking range

The Grande range is a new product launched in Summer 2022, the board is a capped product. The WPC deck board is super wide at 225mm and is available in a 3600mm length. The board has a wood grain finish on both sides but with two colours in one boards. This makes it a good option for UK merchant stockists of composite decking. The board is UV stable, scratch and stain resistant and comes with a 25 year guarantee.

Grey composite decking, much like black composite decking, is a blank canvas that will allow you to experiment and draw attention to other aspects of your garden that you might have otherwise overlooked.


Colourful plants in planters

All neutral-coloured composite decking boards can benefit from colourful plants, as this can help make your outdoor space feel more alive.

You will likely want your composite boards to stay in the background and let your plants do the talking, as grey composite decking boards won't draw much attention.

One of the best ways to go about this is by installing planter boxes around the edge of your deck and then filling them with shrubs, such as hydrangeas, taxus baccata, buxus or flowers like peonies, tulips, and clematis.

This can also help make your deck feel more like its own area, as you will be surrounded by greenery on all sides.

Alternatively, you could also dig flower beds around the outside area of your deck and plant some small trees and shrubs to achieve the same effect.


Landscaping stones

If you aren't a fan of plants and the upkeep that goes with them but still want your finished deck to look neat, and fit in with the rest of your outdoor space, then you should consider using some landscaping stones to make rock beds.

If you don't plant any plants in your rock beds, then they are extremely low maintenance, as landscaping stones will be able to withstand the elements for many years to come.

If you decide to go with grey composite decking boards, then you should consider choosing aggregates like golden gravel or cotswolds chipping, as they won't clash and will provide your outdoor space with some great colour.

A great way to make use of landscaping stones is by using them to create a path that leads to your deck stairs. This will add some character to your garden and can provide you with endless opportunities to accessorise further.

Another optical highlight for this landscaping option is to install a water fountain in the middle of your stones. This will provide a focal point while also bringing a peaceful atmosphere and a place that attracts colourful birds!

If you choose to go with grey composite decking boards, then you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to what outdoor furniture you can choose.

Black outdoor furniture will pair well with a grey composite deck, and you can accessorise further by choosing very colourful cushions.

White furniture will work just as well but will need to be cleaned far more frequently. Alternatively, you could also choose furniture with a normal wooden look, as it will not look out of place.

While brown composite decking boards with a wood grain finish are more suited for older homes, both black and grey composite decking boards pair better with a more contemporary-looking home. That’s not to say that a grey composite deck would look great against an old stone farmhouse.

Grey composite decking will provide your home with a sleek, modern look, while brown composite decking is better if you're going for a more rustic wooden look.


While grey composite decking is very versatile, you should generally only choose between white, grey, or black uPVC or aluminium window frames.

Window frames are not the best place to go wild with colour, as they can clash with both the colour of your house and the colour of your decking boards.

If you want some more uniformity, you should go with grey window frames; however, both white and black window frames won't look out of place.