The Ultimate Composite Fencing Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

Composite fencing is a durable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional wood fencing. It offers a myriad of benefits that make it a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. 

In this guide, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to understand, choose, and install composite fencing.


What is Composite Fencing?


Composite fencing is made from a combination of plastic and reclaimed wood fibres, resulting in a product that boasts the natural allure of wood and the resilience of plastic. This unique blend forms a fence that’s not only visually appealing, but also stands the test of time and weather. 

The result is a fence that carries the visual charm of wood but without its susceptibility to rot, decay, or insect damage.


Benefits of Composite Fencing


Composite fencing offers a range of benefits, making it an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike. 




First and foremost, composite fences are incredibly durable. Unlike traditional wood fences, they are impervious to rot, decay, and damage from insects, ensuring they stand the test of time. 

This durability also extends to weather resistance, with composite fences able to withstand a range of climates without warping or fading. 


Low maintenance 


Composite fences are low maintenance. They do not require the regular painting or staining that is necessary with wood fences, making them a convenient option for those who want a beautiful fence without the upkeep. 


Aesthetically pleasing


Thirdly, composite fences offer aesthetic flexibility. Available in a variety of colours and styles, you can choose a design that complements your property and personal taste. 


Environmentally friendly


Finally, most composite fences are an environmentally friendly choice. As they are usually made from recycled materials, they reduce their environmental impact and make a great choice for those looking to make sustainable choices.


Installation of Composite Fencing


The installation of composite fencing is a systematic and straightforward process that can be accomplished with simple DIY skills and the appropriate tools: 


  1. The installation process starts with the setting up of the posts, which form the foundational structure of the fence. These posts should be securely anchored into the ground to ensure the stability of the fence.
  2. Following this, the bottom rail is installed. This rail serves as the base onto which the fence boards will be attached. The fence boards, designed with an interlocking system, are then slid into the bottom rail. This interlocking system ensures a secure and sturdy fence, providing both privacy and protection. 
  3. The final step in the installation process involves the addition of the post caps or a full top cap, depending on your aesthetic preference. These caps not only enhance the visual appeal of the fence but also provide an additional layer of protection for the posts.


It’s important to note that while the installation of composite fencing is a relatively straightforward process, it requires precision and attention to detail to ensure a secure and visually pleasing result.


Composite Fencing Options


At Ecoscape, we believe in providing options to suit everyone. We understand that each property is unique, as are the preferences of its owners. That’s why we offer a variety of composite fencing options, each with its own unique aesthetic appeal and budget range. 


Shop our range of composite fencing today


Ecoscape UK is a leading provider of high-quality composite fencing solutions. Our products are designed with a focus on durability, aesthetics, and sustainability, making them an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Our composite fences are also available in a variety of colours and styles, and we also offer a 20-year guarantee with our products.

For more information about our composite fencing options or to discuss your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Gary is the founder and CEO of Ecoscape UK. Gary graduated from Liverpool JM University in 2007 with a 2:1 in Economics. A passion for innovation, design and sustainability, Gary has put to market numerous wpc products/systems, some of which have UK and European registered designs. Outside of work Gary enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors and watching Manchester United.


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