Rooftop Decking

Here at Ecoscape, we can also provide a complete range of composite decking for use in domestic or commercial settings. Our composite decking is a hard-wearing, low-maintenance and beautiful addition to any rooftop, whether you’re looking to create a private terrace, a communal rooftop, or a larger commercial space.

Why choose composite rooftop decking?

Composite decking is an excellent choice for any rooftop setting. It’s made from a mix of recycled wood and plastic, which makes it much more durable than traditional timber decking. Composite decking is also low-maintenance and UV stable, meaning you won’t have to spend hours sanding, staining, or painting it. 

What’s more, as our rooftop decking is resistant to water damage, has non-slip qualities, and can be specially ordered to meet BS476 fire ratings, it is also an extremely safe option for any rooftop space.

As our composite decking is built on a sub-frame, it is a hassle-free way to convert any rooftop space without needing to penetrate your roof and risk damaging your property or causing dampness and other issues. Whether you want to expose the composite decking to create a comfortable rooftop space, or even cover it with exterior tiling or artificial grass, our hard-wearing, affordable and reliable products are a perfect choice.

Take a look at some of the most stylish rooftop terraces in the world, including The Press Lounge (a rooftop bar in New York City) and the rooftop at The Vine Hotel in Madeira, for composite decking rooftop inspiration.

Contact Ecoscape for Rooftop Decking

So, if you’ve been thinking of adding a rooftop deck to your property or business premises, contact the experts at Ecoscape today. Our experienced team will work with you to find the perfect composite decking solution for your needs.

All of our durable rooftop decking boards are available with a 20-year warranty. 

To find out more about our composite decking, and what we can do to help you create your desired rooftop space, simply get in touch today.

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