Easy to Install

At Ecoscape, all our composite decking products have been designed with installation in mind. They are extremely easy to install, and we’ve put together a comprehensive composite decking installation guide to help you install our decking, including all safety advice and how to store these boards before installation.

Once the substructure is installed, our composite decking relies on hard-wearing T-clips, which position and hold the boards in place. Thanks to the simplicity and reliability of our decking boards and T-clips, you can install decking in a variety of ways, and our deck boards and t-clips can be installed on numerous substructures, such as plastic, aluminium, or timber joists.


Easy to Install Composite Decking at Ecoscape

Ecoscape specialises in high-quality composite decking solutions that are low-maintenance and long-lasting with a 20 to 25 year residential warranty. 

Both the Clarity Composite Decking Range and the Forma Composite Decking Range available at Ecoscape are fast and easy to install. Our composite decking also boasts hidden fixings for a stylish and seamless decking finish. Take a look at some of our recent projects for composite decking inspiration and see how you can transform your outdoor space with easy-to-install composite decking. 

Discover everything you need for easy installation, including decking joists, decking pedestals, decking trims and edging, and decking clips.


What are decking clips?

Decking clips, such as the start/finish clip, hidden t-clips and locking clips, are required to install composite decking. The start/finish clip is used on the first and last decking board. It is also used when installing breaker boards or picture frames. The hidden T-clips secure one end of the decking board in place and are installed one per joist so that the next decking board can slide in place with the perfect finish. 

One locking clip is used per composite decking board, generally in the centre to control expansion and contraction and to stop the board from sliding. Our locking clips are made from stainless steel and painted black and designed so that the teeth on the clip help to clamp the board down. 

For more information on how to install our composite decking boards quickly and easily, check out our comprehensive installation guide! Or, email sales@ecoscapeuk.co.uk for a free sample pack! 

Since joining Ecoscape, Callum has helped to digitise our existing products and revise our documentation for existing products; he has also had a hand in developing new product ranges, and regularly helps specifiers understand and specify our products by providing detailing and technical information support. Prior to joining Ecoscape, Callum had over 5 years experience in the building products manufacturing industry. Callum has an undergraduate Engineering degree, and is currently studying part-time for an MSc in BIM and Digital Built Environments. He enjoys keeping active by hiking and running. He also enjoys playing football, and currently endures watching Manchester United.