Slatted Screen Fencing

Fencing is an excellent solution for security, and privacy, and can even help to reduce external sounds disrupting your outdoor space.

If you are investing in a new fencing system, finding one that is built to last and withstand UK weather is essential.

This article will explore slatted fencing options and how they can provide an excellent solution for UK fencing needs.


What is Slatted Screen Fencing

Slatted fencing provides a simple fencing solution that is easy to install. Some slatted fencing designs incorporate gaps between the slats to allow air and light to pass through. Other slatted fencing systems create a solid wall that is great for privacy and minimising external sounds.

Horizontal slatted fences make use of secured fence posts at set distances along the boundaries of a garden. The fence posts have a groove on either side for fence posts to be easily slid into position between them.


Fencing Materials

Fencing materials will determine how long the fence lasts, its appearance, and how it should be maintained.

The overall cost of a fence will be determined by the size and materials needed. High-quality materials will be more expensive, but there are long-term benefits that make it a cost-effective investment.


Wood-slatted fence panels are an affordable and stylish way to denote boundary lines and ensure your garden has a secure fencing system.

Wood has a classic style and natural finish that can be modernised by painting or staining and is typically easy to work with and easily cut.

Hardwood slatted screens offer a more robust, and long-lasting option than softwood fencing but will be significantly more expensive.

All slatted screens made from wood will require a considerable amount of maintenance. Painting, staining, and treating wood fencing to protect it from the elements and wood-boring pests is essential.

Over time, wood can rot if exposed to moisture for long periods, and direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can also cause your slatted screens to warp.

Wood Plastic Composite

Wood plastic composite is an excellent option for UK gardens. The popular material is used to create decking boards, fencing, balustrade systems, cladding, and much more.

Ecoscape composite fencing panels are made from reclaimed wood fibres which are mixed with recycled plastic, a bonding agent, and colouring.

The resulting panels are durable, long-lasting, and stylish options with a natural finish that can be easily installed to create a secure boundary that minimises external sounds and looks great.

Ecoscape offers an excellent range of environmentally friendly fence panels. The FSC-certified timber that is used is reclaimed, minimising waste products for industries that use wood. This certification guarantees that the wood fibres used come from ethical and sustainable sources.

Ecoscape also recycles thousands of tons of plastic every year minimising waste and reducing new plastic production.


The Many Benefits of Composite Slatted Fencing

Composite slatted fencing panels offer many benefits that make them a popular choice for UK property owners.


Fencing is a great way to provide additional security for your property.

A high-quality fence is great if you live in a rural area without many streetlights, or near public footpaths, parks, or woodland where people could conceivably access your property.

It is a natural deterrent for criminals who look for weaknesses or easy access to properties.

A secure fence is also great for homeowners with young children or pets. Knowing your child can play safely without exiting the property, and minimising the risk of anyone being able to access your garden gives peace of mind.

Dog owners should always ensure their garden is secure to minimise the risk of a dog escaping. Even a well-trained dog can be inquisitive or end up chasing smaller animals if there are gaps in a fence.

A good fence will also limit visibility for opportunistic criminals who might see something of value in your house or garden.


Limiting visibility will also increase your privacy from the public or neighbouring properties. Being able to enjoy your garden without being overlooked is important, and a high-quality fence can provide this.

Slatted fencing with gaps can offer a pleasant option that improves light and doesn’t break up views as much. However, they do allow passers-by or neighbours the ability to see into your garden.

Ecoscape’s range of high-quality slatted fencing panels allows you to create a solid fence that increases your privacy. You will be able to enjoy relaxing, family time, and entertaining without anyone being able to look into your outdoor living space.

Noise Reduction

Ecoscape slatted fence panels are acoustically tested to ensure they provide an excellent noise reduction solution for gardens.

Acoustic fencing help to reflect sound and the Ecoscape range has been shown to reduce sound by up to 28 dB.

The distance of the fencing from the property, and surrounding geography will all have a bearing on how much external noise can be heard in a house.

Nearby venues, roads, schools, parks, and neighbouring properties with dogs can all cause noise pollution.

Being able to minimise external sounds can make your outside space more enjoyable.

If you have pets and children, acoustic fencing can also help to minimise sound generated on your property reaching neighbours and becoming a problem.

Long Lasting

Nobody wants to invest in a fence only for it to fail after a few years. A high-quality composite fence that has been installed correctly will last for a long time. Ecoscape composite fence boards have a 20-year product warranty. This means that with the correct installation and care, the boards should last for at least this long.

In some cases, fences can last for significantly longer than 20 years.

Ecoscape provides a detailed installation guide and maintenance advice to ensure the fence boards are kept in good condition.


Composite is a traditionally durable material that doesn’t suffer from many of the issues wood fencing does.

Composite offers great resistance against scratches, scuffs, and moisture. Moisture resistance is especially important for use in the UK.

While fencing won’t face the same wear and tear as decking boards, it can still suffer from strong winds, inclement weather, and small animals climbing on it.

Wind Resistant

Ecoscape composite materials are rigorously tested to ensure they can provide top performance and the fencing range is no different.

Ecoscape composite fence boards undergo a wind force test to ensure they can withstand high winds. Results show that the fencing can withstand a Beaufort Scale rating of 10 which translates as winds that reach between 55 and 63 mph. This is typical of a storm.

The correct installation will play a significant part in how your fence stands up to storm-level winds. The fence posts must be sunk and fixed to the installation guide standard to ensure the performance is of the highest standard.

Low Maintenance

High-quality fencing can make a significant difference to the security, style, and privacy of a property. Ensuring the fencing maintains this high standard is important, but nobody wants to spend their summer maintaining their fence.

Composite fencing requires significantly less maintenance than wood fencing. Wood fencing will require regular painting, staining, and treatments to ensure it looks good, remains weatherproof, and won’t suffer from pests.

The cost of maintenance materials can add up over time, and the significant amount of time it takes to carry out the maintenance can be frustrating.

If your fence borders a neighbouring property, you will also have to rely on your neighbour to care for the other side to ensure it is properly protected. Failure to do this can compromise the integrity of the structure and performance.

Composite fencing does not need to be painted or weatherproofed. Regular cleaning will be sufficient to maintain the fence boards and structure.


Composite fence boards offer a contemporary look to any garden or property.

Ecoscape composite fence boards are available in a range of colours, including walnut, graphite, charcoal, silver birch, and spiced oak.

The fence boards are dual finish with a wide 63 mm batten design on one side and a narrow 38 mm design on the reverse.

This allows the installer to create a uniform look depending on the way they slide the boards in place or create a unique pattern by combining both styles.

Easy Installation

Ecoscape composite slatted fencing is easy to install thanks to the extensive installation guide provided by Ecoscape.

The installation guide advises how to install composite slatted fence panels on grass, concrete, and post capping board. You are also advised on how to retrofit the composite slatted fence panels into existing concrete posts.

You will be able to easily cut boards when necessary to fit them in place depending on the widths or lengths needed for an existing system.

You will be provided with all the components necessary to complete a fence installation project.

Components provided include;

For more information on how to install Ecoscape slatted fence panels, visit the composite fence panels page and explore the installation guide.


UK Fencing Legal Requirements

When installing a new fence, it is essential that you adhere to legal requirements or you may be forced to remove the fence at your own expense.

Existing fences between properties may have joint responsibility in terms of maintenance, repair, and replacement. The property deeds may provide an answer but opening a line of communication with any neighbours affected is the best course of action.

Boundary fences can be built on boundary lines or within the property. Checking the boundary lines will be the responsibility of the person building the fence. The notice must be provided of when the work is to be carried out.

In the UK, fences can’t exceed two meters in height. In fences that abut highways used by vehicles, the maximum height is one meter.

Local planning authorities must be consulted about plans to install a trellis or temporary structure on fences.

Fences should not be painted or repaired without the owners’ permission.

Ecoscape Fencing

The extensive colour range of Ecoscape composite slatted fence panels, the great natural finish, and the dual finish allow property owners to create tailored fencing that suits their needs.

High-quality composite materials are perfect for use in the UK thanks to their ability to resist moisture, withstand strong winds, and cope with direct sunlight.

The durable material is great for gardens as it will not deteriorate or suffer like timber alternatives.

The cost and time of maintaining fences can be considerable. Composite greatly reduces both by providing a high-performance material that does not need stain, paint, or treatments to maintain its excellent finish.

Installation guides and suggestions, as well as high-quality components and accessories, make fencing projects simple to carry out.

To explore the great range of slatted fence panels, installation guide, product specifications, architect resources, and warranty, visit the Ecoscape slatted screen fencing page.



Is composite slatted fencing expensive?

The cost of composite slatted fence panels will vary depending on the supplier and the quality of the product. Investing in high-quality composite products will provide greater longevity.

The overall cost of a fencing project will also depend on the size of the property. Some smaller properties will be able to complete a fencing project for a relatively low price in comparison to properties with larger gardens.

Ecoscape composite fence boards cost £15.31 per board. Each board measures 1,830 mm in length, 45 mm in width, and 150 mm in height. The wood plastic composite boards have a weight of 5.81 kg.

How long should slatted fencing last?

The length of time your fencing lasts is dependent on a number of factors. The materials, installation, and maintenance will all have a say in the longevity of your fencing.

Timber fencing can last anywhere from 5 to 30 years depending on the wood used and how it is cared for.

Ecoscape composite fence boards have a 20-year warranty. This means the fence should last at least this long with proper maintenance and installation.

Well-cared-for composite fencing can last anywhere between 30 and 50 years when it is properly looked after.

Other factors such as how sheltered a fence is can also make a difference in how long it lasts.

In some cases, a fence might fail due to exceptional circumstances such as extreme weather or other outside interference.

How do you maintain composite slatted fencing?

Maintaining composite slatted fence panels is straightforward. While stain, paint, and treatments aren’t required, they will have to be washed.

Washing your fencing twice a year will typically keep it free from dirt and minimise the risk of degradation or damage.

Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your composite slatted fence panels, and abrasive or sharp cleaning tools should also be avoided.

Using a soft bristle brush or sponge with warm water and a mild liquid soap is usually enough to keep your fencing clean and looking great.

Jet washers can be used carefully to remove more stubborn dirt. Using a fan jet to minimise how concentrated the beam is, holding the nozzle at least 20 cm from the composite surface, and using a low pressure will help.

Should the slatted fence panels be damaged or burned by a nearby barbecue, 80 gsm sandpaper can be used to gently remove the mark.

How can you protect composite slatted fencing?

There are many ways to protect your fence from being damaged. You should never push barbecues or heaters too close to composite materials as the plastic ingredients can melt and leave a mark.

Trimming back tree branches or bushes near the composite can minimise the risk of them scraping against the fence in strong winds. It can also minimise the risk of tree branches falling and damaging the fence.

Properly storing garden furniture so it is not blown into the fence in bad weather is also advised. If you have cats, installing a dedicated scratch post for them to use will minimise the risk of them using the fence.

Dogs can also jump up against fencing if they are let into a garden that has a cat or squirrel in it. Always check the garden before letting a dog out and train them to keep away from the fences.

Can fencing completely soundproof a garden?

Acoustic fencing can significantly reduce external noise, but will not completely soundproof it.

External noise pollution from roads, venues, schools or other sources can be frustrating. Acoustic fencing will help to reduce the sound that makes it through to your garden.

A fence that is installed at a suitable distance from the property will reduce noise to a level that will fade even further by the time it reaches the home.

Homes built in small valleys or on hills will have differing success as sound waves may travel over fencing in some cases, or be directed over the property in others.

Always consider the surrounding geography of the area a property is located to determine the height of fence you will need.


Final Thoughts

A garden fence is something that many won’t consider unless something happens to an existing fence. Weather conditions are typically the biggest cause of damage to fencing so it is important to find a material that can withstand it.

Slatted fence panels are a versatile option that can allow a view to remain by leaving gaps, or provide a greater level of security and privacy by creating a solid structure.

Composite slatted fence panels are an excellent choice for UK gardens and are particularly popular among consumers that recognise their many benefits.

Unlike traditional timber fencing options, composite materials won’t rot, warp, or splinter and they last significantly longer with minimal care.

While composite slatted fence panels are typically more expensive than wood alternatives, they offer a cost-effective long-term solution.

The time and cost associated with timber fencing are something that many property owners want to avoid.

The versatility of composite fencing also allows a range of styles and colours to be selected that can tie in with other existing composite garden materials or colour schemes.

The ease with which a slatted fence can be repaired or slatted screens can be removed and replaced is another reason that so many people opt for this style of fence.

Gary is the founder and CEO of Ecoscape UK. Gary graduated from Liverpool JM University in 2007 with a 2:1 in Economics. A passion for innovation, design and sustainability, Gary has put to market numerous wpc products/systems, some of which have UK and European registered designs. Outside of work Gary enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors and watching Manchester United.