How Ecoscape Make It Easier For The Garden Designer

Many people will have an idea about their dream garden, but when it comes to putting that into practice it can be a particularly challenging task.

Many decisions will go into landscape architecture and garden renovation and these will dictate the style, cost, and safety of the area.

There are costs associated with employing a professional landscape designer to plan and install a new garden, but their experience and knowledge can be beneficial in the long run.

Alternatively, some might take on the task of designing and implementing plans for a new garden, and Ecoscape makes it easier to do this.

This guide will look at all the benefits designing a new garden with Ecoscape products sam


Who is Ecoscape UK?

Ecoscape is the UK’s leading wood plastic composite product supplier. The extensive range of composite products includes decking, fencing, cladding, and balustrade systems.

Ecoscape is an innovative company that provides environmentally friendly solutions for homeowners, property developers, designers, and architects.

To ensure projects run as smoothly as possible, Ecoscape works closely with all clients to provide high-quality composite building supplies around the UK.

Ecoscape is headquartered in Heywood, Greater Manchester and is present on all the major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


How Ecoscape Makes It Easier For The Garden Designer

Anyone hoping to design their own garden will soon realise that there are many things that need to be considered.

A significant amount of planning will have to go into the initial stages to determine what work needs to be carried out, how much it should cost, and the materials needed to create the desired look.

The budget will play a significant part in what is possible with any garden project. Landscaping, materials, and installation costs can all be expensive, so being able to plan accordingly is essential.

The following examples show how working with Ecoscape and Ecoscape composite products can make it easier for garden designers.

Detailed Sizing

One of the most important aspects of planning a garden will be analysing the existing garden space and planning what you want to do with it. Precise measurements will be an essential part of figuring out where potential decking areas will fit to make the best use of the space.

You will also have to consider which way the garden faces when planning your garden to make the best use of sunlight.

This will also impact the native plants that will best suit the garden and how you should plan your landscaping.

West-facing gardens enjoy the sun in the afternoon and are relatively shaded during the morning

East-facing gardens will typically enjoy the sun in the morning and shade through the afternoon.

North-facing gardens are usually more shaded compared to South-facing gardens that enjoy the sun for most of the day.

You should take the time to plot how the sun affects your garden during the day and at different times of the year.

External factors like trees outside your property and neighbouring properties must also be considered.

When measuring your garden and looking at the best areas for composite decking projects, you will be able to get a basic idea of costs by exploring Ecoscape’s composite deck board and accessory sizing and costs.

Detailed Pricing

As well as being able to check the sizing of products, the pricing will give you a better idea of overall costs for decking, cladding, and fencing.

Exploring the Ecoscape site or contacting the expert team will help you answer any budget-related questions you may have.

Eco-Friendly Range

Ecoscape makes it easy for garden designers to create stylish garden spaces using environmentally friendly materials.

All of Ecoscape’s composite materials are made using reclaimed wood fibres and recycled plastics.

Every year, thousands of tons of plastic are recycled and used in the extensive range of wood plastic composite products.

The High-density polyethene (HDPE) recycled by Ecoscape can take as much as 450 years to break down in landfills.

As well as reducing plastic waste in landfills, the use of recycled materials minimises new plastic production, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of Ecoscape and those who use the products.

The wood fibres used by Ecoscape are saved from landfill and are FSC certified. This lets consumers know that the wood used in their composite products is ethically and responsibly sourced.

Ecoscape is also involved with a number of environmental bodies including the 100 Trees Club, RSPB, Manchester Climate Change, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and Ecologi.

Designers and homeowners will be able to create wonderful outdoor spaces, knowing they are doing this with a company that takes environmental issues seriously.

Extensive Choice of Products

One of the biggest reasons that Ecoscape is so popular with homeowners, garden designers, architects, and builders merchants is because of the extensive range of products.

Ecoscape products are available in a range of colours and styles, and the fences, decking, cladding, gates, and balustrades perfectly complement one another to create a stylish theme that can connect your home to your outdoor space.

Composite Decking & Accessories

Investing in a high-quality decking area can be a welcome addition to any property. Decking can create a versatile outdoor space for families, entertaining, and relaxing. Ecoscape offers two high-quality decking options that need minimal maintenance, are long-lasting, and look great.

Clarity Composite Decking

Ecoscape’s Clarity Composite Decking is a first-generation decking material that is available in five colours; charcoal, ash, graphite, walnut, and autumn.

The decking boards offer a dual finish with a wide groove pattern (25 mm) on one side, and a narrow groove pattern (6 mm) on the reverse.

Ecoscape’s Clarity composite decking options are rigorously tested to ensure they are slip, scratch, and impact resistant, and come with a 20-year warranty.

Forma Composite Decking

The Ecoscape Forma composite decking range is available in six colours: Midnight, Flint, Argent, Spiced Oak, Silver Birch, and Havana.

The Forma range boasts the same high-quality Clarity decking boards but makes use of state-of-the-art co-extrusion technology which wraps the board in a thin, durable membrane to provide greater protection.

Forma-capped decking boards come with a 25-year warranty and 25-year colour warranty and come with a dual finish. Unlike the Clarity range, Forma deck boards have a wide groove pattern on one side and a woodgrain finish on the reverse side.

Decking Accessories

As well as high-quality composite decking boards, you will find an excellent range of finishing boards, trims, fixings, and substructure materials.

Your substructure materials are an important part of the decking installation process as they hold the decking boards in place.

As well as a range of high-quality plastic and aluminium decking substructure materials, there is also a great range of decking pedestals.

Decking pedestals can be used to raise a deck, allowing designers to create level decking areas on uneven or sloped gardens.

Raising your decking is also a great way to improve drainage and ventilation. This will help you to protect your decking and substructure materials, enjoying a longer life and better performance.


Composite cladding is an excellent way to protect external wall materials and change the aesthetic of a property.

Ecoscape cladding is available in single-sided, brushed finished panel cladding boards or slatted cladding boards.

Panel cladding boards are available in Midnight, Argent, Flint, Spiced Oak, Silver bBirch, and Havana. Slatted cladding boards are available in Midnight, Silver Birch, and Spiced Oak.

The panel cladding boards available at Ecoscape come with all the benefits that the Forma range offers including a 25-year warranty and 25-year colour warranty.


Fencing helps to provide a property with privacy and security. It is a great way to denote property boundaries and can even help to minimise external sound.

The Ecoscape fencing range is part of the Clarity range that comes with a 20-year warranty and various benefits.

You will be able to choose from five colours; Charcoal, Graphite, Walnut, Spiced Oak, and Silver Birch.

The dual finish fence board come with 63 mm battens on one side and 38 mm battens on the reverse. This allows designers to choose between a uniform pattern, or allows them to mix the boards for a unique style.

The fence boards are acoustically tested to ensure they minimise external noises including sounds from roads, schools, or venues.

The fencing is also wind tested to ensure it can withstand winds at 55 to 63 mph which is consistent with storms.

Ecoscape fencing products come with a 20-year warranty, meaning well-installed and maintained fences should last for a long time.


The Ecoscape gate range is a great way to complement the extensive fencing range and allow the convenience of an access point for gardens.

Ecoscape composite gates are available in Charcoal, Graphite, and Walnut and have the same dual finish available with the fence range.

You will be able to choose between 1220 mm, 1520 mm, and 1820 mm heights and they come preassembled. This makes installation easy, especially when using Ecoscape fence and gate posts.


One of the main priorities for any garden designer will be safety, and the correct installation of Ecoscape composite products will help to guarantee this.

In some cases, raised decking projects may require a railing system to protect users from falling off the edge.

Thankfully, Ecoscape has an excellent range of balustrade systems that have the right balance of safety and design to make them a welcome addition to any landscape design project.

The wide range of styles allows homeowners to maintain their own style while improving the safety of their decking area.

Balustrade systems create a railing system that helps to enclose the decking area. A deck surrounded by railing might sound like it could obstruct views or impact the overall feel and style of the deck area. This is not the case.

Ecoscape’s wide range of balustrade systems includes composite and glass and composite and wire designs that let plenty of light on the deck but allow views of surrounding landscapes.

The Benefits of Ecoscape Composite Products

Garden design and landscape architecture require experience, commitment, and a lot of planning. There are significant benefits to dealing with one supplier for garden designers which are outlined below.

Long Lasting

Not all composite products are the same. Ecoscape composite materials are long-lasting and come with 20 and 25-year warranties.

Working with one supplier allows you to better understand the material and how to install it. The installation process is essential to the warranty and guarantees good performance from the composite products.

A garden designer will also benefit from having one point of contact rather than having to deal with various companies should they have a query.


Garden design in the UK must take into account the unpredictable weather conditions that building materials have to withstand.

Ecoscape composite and capped composite products are made to survive different weather conditions, scratches, scrapes, and general use.

Unlike traditional wood materials, composite won’t warp, rot, or be affected by wood-boring pests.

Materials are tested for wind, heat, and mould resistance and need significantly less maintenance than wooden alternatives.

Low Maintenance

A good designer will not only take into account the appearance and how long the materials last, but also the maintenance a garden will need to keep looking great.

Composite will not require the time and expense of painting, staining, and weatherproofing that must be regularly maintained.


Designing a garden should combine the natural world with any built areas. Ecoscape’s high-quality decking, fencing, and other products can complement the natural elements in your garden thanks to the great range of colours and finishes.

You will be able to choose plants and flowers to enjoy their appearance or grow food and fruit trees if you plan accordingly.

You will be able to use composite products to create raised beds if you enjoy gardening, or focus on a large decking area with an easy-to-maintain lawn. The beauty of designing your own garden, or employing design services, is that you can get the garden that suits you.

Easy Installation

Other factors will also come into garden design and the installation process should be a consideration.

Ecoscape components and accessories are designed to work together to provide high-quality performance and an attractive finish.

Inspiration Galleries

One of the best ways that Ecoscape makes the garden design simpler is by providing inspiration galleries.

Ecoscape inspiration galleries are available for all products and colours giving designers a better idea of how they look in practice.

Being able to see the products in use and in different scenarios makes it easier to choose the right products. Shots taken that show composite products at different times of the day, in full sun and shade all help to show what the product can do.

Architect Resources

The architect resources available at Ecoscape allow designers access to product technical specifications, installation guides, and detailed product drawings.

Having access to detailed documents about each product is an invaluable resource. Thorough design planning can only be completed by having the right information available. These resources ensure garden design projects can be carried out to the highest specifications.

Installation Guides

The detailed installation guides provided by Ecoscape allow high-quality components to be installed correctly. This is essential to the performance of the materials, the safety of the garden, and adherence to the terms and conditions of the warranty.

All products are provided with installation guides that let you know the best ways to install Ecoscape products. You will be given a step-by-step guide as well as a full component list.

The installation guide makes it easy for professionals and experienced amateurs to install decking, cladding, balustrade systems, and fencing.


Explore Ecoscape Products & Free Samples

Explore the Ecoscape product pages to find detailed descriptions and specifications when designing gardens.

You will have the opportunity to order free samples so you can check the colours and design to ensure it is the perfect choice for your garden.



How long does composite last?

Ecoscape composite products have warranties that last 20 and 25 years. Well-maintained composite should last even longer.

While composite is a low-maintenance material, it should still be regularly cleaned to ensure it performs well and lasts as long as possible.

The installation process will also play a significant part in how long composite decking, fencing, cladding, and balustrade systems last. You should always use the specially designed accessories provided by the supplier as well.

How do you clean composite materials?

Cleaning composite is easy and can be done using warm soapy water. Mild liquid soap and a soft bristle brush will be enough to clean most composite products.

Power washers can also be used to clean composite materials, but must be used with caution. Using a fan jet and holding the nozzle at least 20 cm from the board is advised. Maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI can be used.

Small burn marks sustained from barbecues can be sanded using 80 gsm sandpaper by rubbing lengthways.

You should never use harsh chemicals or cleaning tools that are abrasive or sharp to avoid damaging the composite materials.

Do composite products add value to a property?

High-quality decking or terracing installations can increase property value in some cases.

Anyone looking to sell a property will typically carry out some work, whether that is interior design to make the home more appealing, or tidying up the garden.

A decking area and high-quality fencing that looks great and will last for a considerable time should make the property more appealing to potential buyers.

City properties that don’t have much outdoor space will benefit from a well-designed roof terrace, however, this can be a costly investment.

Speaking with local property agents about your plans will give you a better idea of the value you could add to your property.

How much do composite products cost?

The budget for garden design can vary significantly. Having a better understanding of the cost of composite products can help you budget accordingly.

Costs will vary depending on the size of the project and the materials needed. Professional installation costs will also vary depending on the installers and location.

The following prices will give you a better idea of how much your garden design project could cost.

  • Ecoscape Clarity composite decking boards cost £41.55 per square meter.
  • Ecoscape Forma capped composite decking boards cost £66.12 per square meter.
  • Ecoscape composite panel cladding boards cost £55.88 per square meter.
  • Ecoscape composite slatted cladding boards cost £76.27 per square meter.
  • Ecoscape composite fence boards cost £15.31 per board.
  • Ecoscape composite gates cost from £466.67 to £586.68.
  • Ecoscape composite balustrade systems cost £77.60 per linear meter.
  • Ecoscape composite and glass balustrade systems cost £128.00 per linear meter.
  • Ecoscape composite and wire balustrade systems cost £99.50 per linear meter.

You will also find the prices for accessories, decking pedestals, and much more on the Ecoscape site.


Final Thoughts

Designing a garden allows property owners the freedom to create the perfect outside space for their needs.

Unfortunately, it is not always as easy as it sounds. Thankfully, Ecoscape offers an excellent range of high-quality composite products that are perfect for UK gardens.

Long-lasting, durable products that are easy to install and look great are all available at Ecoscape. Composite decking, cladding, fencing, and balustrades allow you to create a versatile outdoor space that is safe and secure for the whole family to enjoy.

Gary is the founder and CEO of Ecoscape UK. Gary graduated from Liverpool JM University in 2007 with a 2:1 in Economics. A passion for innovation, design and sustainability, Gary has put to market numerous wpc products/systems, some of which have UK and European registered designs. Outside of work Gary enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors and watching Manchester United.