What Is The Purpose Of A Decking Pedestal?

Installing decking is a significant investment in your property, and ensuring you do it correctly is vital.

Well-installed decking will last a long time, create a versatile area for your family and entertaining, and will be safe.

When installing a decking area, your subframe and decking board materials must be considered. The cost, longevity, ease of installation, and amount of maintenance required will all depend on the materials you choose.

Composite decking is a popular choice in the UK because it is easy to install, lasts a long time, and is durable.

Adjustable pedestals can be used to support the deck boards and subframe and are perfect for all external flooring applications.

This article will explore the purpose and benefits of adjustable pedestals should you be considering them for your decking project.


What is an Adjustable Decking Pedestal?

Adjustable pedestals are used to support deck boards and decking subframes securely on a range of surfaces.

Ecoscape decking pedestals are constructed from 100% recycled Polypropylene and are available in a range of sizes and adjustable heights to suit decking projects.


Adjustable Decking Pedestal Purpose

Elevating decking materials from the ground allows for a proper drainage system and ventilation. A decking subframe that is constructed on the ground can be subjected to prolonged exposure to moisture.

Timber frames, in particular, will need to be treated and maintained but can still suffer from rot if they are exposed to moisture. Using adjustable pedestals to raise the decking and subframe to the desired height minimises the risk of dampness and rot.

As well as allowing adequate drainage, a raised deck will be well-ventilated. Ventilation allows boards and the area beneath to dry out and helps to regulate the temperature.


The Top Benefits of Adjustable Decking Pedestals

There are many benefits associated with using adjustable decking pedestals. High-quality composite decking installation requires a high-quality subframe and materials.

Here are some of the top benefits that adjustable pedestals provide property owners when installing decking, roof terraces, and balconies.

Installing Terraces on Sloped Roofs

If you are installing a roof terrace on sloped or flat roofs, adjustable pedestals can help to ensure you can create an even surface.

Being able to set pedestals to adjustable heights when installing terracing makes decking installations significantly easier.

If the roof you want to install has a drainage gradient, creating an even surface to lay your deck boards is essential.

All decking should be installed with a slight gradient of around 1% to allow for drainage, but roofing might have a more noticeable slope that makes work more challenging.

Protecting Roof Materials

As well as providing a gap to protect the decking subframe, this will also benefit the roofing material.

Allowing rainwater to run off the roof and decking is essential to the integrity of your roof.

It can also provide an aesthetically pleasing way to cover piping and cables. The spacing minimises the risk of damage to the roof, and weather or UV damage is greatly reduced by having a roof terrace in place.

Easy Installation

Decking installation is relatively straightforward, and following the manufacturer’s installation instructions will help you enjoy the longevity of the materials and ensure the terms and conditions of the warranty are met.

Professional installation is advised unless you have adequate experience. The Ecoscape range of adjustable pedestals is easy to install, and the pedestal calculator will help you to determine exactly how many are necessary.

Allow Easy Maintenance Access

Having a space between the deck boards and the ground allows easy access to pipes or cables.

Maintenance should always be considered when installing a decking area that covers essential access points. This will minimise the inconvenience of having to lift decking boards to reach them or the damage that can be caused by workmen accessing your home.

Reduce Noise From Roof Terraces

Roof terracing can be an excellent way to enjoy additional space. Terraces installed too close to the roof can create noise in rooms below if there is heavy footfall.

The gaps between the decking, subframes, and the surface they are being laid on that decking pedestals create minimise the risk of this sound.

Safeguard Decking Materials Warranties

The warranty of composite decking materials is typically long. This is because the materials are long-lasting and durable.

Composite decking is a synthetic material made from reclaimed wood fibres and recycled plastic.

Composite decking requires minimal upkeep and holds up well against the UK weather.

To ensure the warranty is in place, the manufacturer’s terms and conditions must be met. The installation guide and suitable materials must also be used during the installation process.

Using decking pedestals helps to protect the subframe and deck boards. This then helps to prolong the life of these materials and minimises the risk of the decking or decking subframe failing.


The versatility of decking pedestals makes them ideal for anyone installing a decking area, regardless of the surface or materials being used.

You will be able to secure Ecoscape decking pedestals to concrete, use them directly on secure soil, or use them on roofing.

They can be used with a variety of materials; timber, composite, or aluminium decking subframes can all benefit from Ecoscape plastic adjustable pedestals that won’t rot and are corrosion resistant. This means they will last a long time and offer excellent performance.

If you plan to invest in high-quality decking or subframe materials that will last a long time, it is absolutely essential that the installation is done properly. Using the best materials may cost more initially, but you will get significantly longer life and safer use from the decking.


Ecoscape Decking pedestals

If you are looking for an easy way to create a level surface for your decking project, Ecoscape decking pedestals perfectly complement the extensive range of high-quality composite products.

Calculating the pedestals required for any project size may seem like a daunting task, but the Ecoscape calculator and experts on hand ensure you get the right quantity of materials for your property.

Ecoscape offers an excellent option for any property owner that wants to carry out work in an environmentally friendly way.

The pedestals use 100% Recycled Polypropylene, minimising the production of new plastics and reducing the amount disposed of in landfills.

Ecoscape pedestals come with a 15-year limited warranty and 50-year design life.

They are designed for easy installation and can provide robust support for heavy decking areas.

Choose between the King dual adjustment and Queen adjustable or fixed pedestals in a range of sizes. Ecoscape’s range of pedestal tools makes it easy for you to complete all kinds of projects, from small to larger, commercial or residential.

Ecoscape King Dual adjustment pedestals are available in sizes ranging from 30 mm to 41 mm, up to 979 mm to 1089 mm.

Ecoscape’s Queen adjustable or fixed pedestals range in size from 21 to 30 mm units, up to 1114 mm to 1224 mm.

For more information, including product specifications, products, and pedestal calculators, visit the Ecoscape decking pedestal page.



How much do decking risers cost?

The price of decking risers will vary depending on the manufacturer and the size of the products themselves.

Ecoscape Queen adjustable pedestals vary in price from £2.67 up to £16.93.

King dual adjustment pedestals vary in price from £3.80 to £16.72.

The size of your decking project will determine how many decking pedestals are needed to provide adequate support.

Are decking risers worth it?

The security and longevity of your decking should be a priority, and decking risers can be a worthwhile investment.

The cost of materials and installation for decking or terracing can be a significant amount for a home improvement project.

Protecting the subframe and decking materials by raising it from the ground by investing in high-quality pedestals is advisable.

Easily adjustable risers will allow you to create a level and secure base for your decking area.

Can decking pedestals be adjusted?

Ecoscape adjustable pedestals can be raised or lowered to find the perfect height to support a level decking area.

This is an excellent way to create a level deck that can be secured over multi-level surfaces.

Should decking pedestals be screwed into the ground when building a deck?

Decking pedestals can be anchored into concrete for a secure platform that won’t shift. Alternatively, floating platforms rely on the weight of the subframe and deck boards to hold it in place.

Floating platforms are better for installation on soil that can’t be anchored. Soil or lawn installations must be carried out on level and secure ground that is not at risk of shifting.

Does decking have to be raised?

While decking does not have to be raised, it is advised as it allows better ventilation and minimises the risk of decking materials being exposed to moisture.

Failure to allow a sufficient gap beneath your decking can cause issues with temperature control and drainage.

A well-installed deck should have a slight gradient to allow the runoff of water and should have thermal expansion gaps to minimise the risk of composite boards warping.

Drainage and ventilation beneath your decking are equally as important. This is because damage beneath decking is more difficult to identify and can weaken the structure.

Over time, the weight of the decking, furniture, and footfall can compromise the structural integrity and safety of the decking.


Final Thoughts

The priority of any decking project should be the quality and safety of installation.

Investing in high-quality materials will help to guarantee a longer deck life. Following the supplier installation guidelines and making use of the components and accessories provided will ensure the build is covered by the warranty.

Ecoscape offers a full range of pedestals and specified attachments to help decking installation go smoothly.

Making use of the Ecoscape decking pedestal calculator or speaking with one of the helpful experts will guarantee you get the parts you need to complete the job.

Deciding on the width, depth, and height of your deck will determine the amount and height of pedestals needed to support a sub-frame, hold each joist in place, and guarantee a level deck floor that is safe for your family to enjoy.

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